TED Talk Tuesday: Bali

Namaste, future Bali Unsettler. Welcome to the first addition of TED Talk Tuesday. Every Tuesday in the month of May we are searching the TED archives for the most empowering speakers that shed light on a unique side of our retreat destinations. Before you embark on your journey, to save you from going down your own TED Talk rabbit hole (we’ve done the dirty work for you), check out these inspiring and enlightening speakers as they share their wisdom and experiences on the Island of the Gods. From seeing and being green in the Balinese jungle, to tracking down remnants from the first Bali tourist (and first bicycle), look no further.


“I wander. I acquire.”

Marlowe Bandem shares the local sites he has explored across Bali by bicycle, en route to visit a relief on the side of a temple that is attributed to the first tourist to ever visit Bali, the Dutch artist W.O.J. Nieuwenkamp, in 1904. Are you gonna check it out?


“We have to teach the kids that the world is not indestructible.”

After watching the documentary that ruined his life, An Inconvenient Truth, John Hardy recounts the creation of his educational oasis in Bali, the Green School, that gives back to the environment, and its inhabitants, locally.


“One island. One voice.”

Two sisters and students at the Green School, Melati and Isabel Wijsen, refused to wait until they were grown up to be significant. So they created a campaign to ban plastic bags on their home island. They are truly #RFI (Really Fucking Inspiring).

All set to join us in Bali? We’re there all year long!



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