TED Talk Tuesday: Medellin

Nicknamed the City of Eternal Spring, Medellin is also the city of so much more. Full of color, history, creativity, growth, and evolution, there is a story behind every corner and every cup of coffee. From Latin American magical realism to the city’s exponential development and urbanization in its recent past, we attempt to skim the surface of all that Medellin has to offer in this week’s TED Talk Tuesday. Vamos!

“One must understand their origins.”

18-year-old Andrés Hermida shares how magical realism in Latin American art is a response to social and political chaos and uncertainty. He explains how in Colombia, art is inspired by history, and how essential that is to understand the culture of where he comes from.

“Go south young man and young woman.”

Journalist and past Peace Corp volunteer in Medellin, Maureen Orth, explains why Colombia is one of the happiest places on earth. She argues how Latin America’s exponential growth and development needs to be a part of the American national discussion, and a paradigm shift should be demanded.

“A window into the future of cities.”

Not a TED Talk per se, but just as insightful, educational and inspiring. It is a stark reminder that a community’s past does not have to narrate its future, that crises provoke change, and how the story of Medellin’s urbanization is also the story of the world.

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