TED Talk Tuesday: Transitions

“The only constant in life is change.” Damn, does that overused cliche seem to ring truer and truer year after year. Last week on the blog we explored what it takes to help propel ourselves between the open spaces on the professional monkey bars. With transition on the mind, for a special TED Talk Tuesday this week, we scoured the TED archives for some of our favorite TED Talks that examine and illuminate this essential theme, at Unsettled and for all individuals living in the 21st century– transitions.

“Sameness is incredibly overrated.” 

Are you currently experiencing a seven-year-itch? Every seven years Stefan Sagmeister closes down his New York City design studio, for himself and his employees, to refill their well of inspiration on a sabbatical. We all get bored even by the things that we love. Here Stefan recounts his 2008 sabbatical in Bali and his process of getting there. How did his designs change? How did he?


“Innovation happens at the intersections.”

Do you ever feel like you have too many interests? Or have you started to get bored of something that you once poured so much time and energy into? You are not alone. Emilie Wapnick examines why it is that our culture teaches us to only have a singular passion and a narrowly focused life. There is nothing wrong with you dear, multipotentialite. Watch Emilie’s talk to learn your superpowers.


“Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they’re finished.”

As life goes on, our rate of change appears to significantly slow down, and who we are today feels like who we will remain forever. But Harvard psychologist Dan Gilbert shares how that is all an illusion. His groundbreaking research suggests that our likes, dislikes, values, and personalities do indeed change long past our teenage years. We underestimate ourselves and also underestimate the power of time.


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