The Best Travel Destinations According To Your Numerology

By: Felicia Bender, Ph.D., Unsettled: Tuscany alum and Practical Numerologist

Are you ready for your next adventure and yet are unsure where to point your compass? It’s time to turn to the numbers!

Everyone knows their sign in Astrology. Referring to yourself as a Sag, Libra, or Scorpio is something you can chat about at a party or casually refer to at the office.

Yet do you know your number in numerology?

Just like your astrological sign, you have vital information at your fingertips through numerology.  

The Life Path number in numerology is similar to your sun sign in astrology.

Here’s how you calculate it:

Let’s use the birthdate June 18, 1990

To calculate the Life Path number, you simply add the MONTH + DAY + YEAR

Remember:  You reduce to a one-digit number.

June = 6 (because it is the 6th month of the year)

18 = 1 + 8 = 9

1990 = 1 + 9 + 9 + 0 = 19  | 1 + 9 = 10 | 1 + 0 = 1

Now add together:

6 + 9 + 1 = 16

Keep adding:  1 + 6 = 7

In this example, you would have a 7 Life Path


What Is Your Life Path?


1 Life Path:  The Innovative Leader

As a 1 Life Path, you’re a mover and shaker. You march to the beat of your own drum and often veer toward the off-beat and quirky. Creative to your core, you’re drawn to travel that piques your sense of independence and pushes your competitive spirit. Let’s just say that the 1 Life Path isn’t averse to taking a risk and coloring outside the lines.

The Perfect Getaway:  You’re often drawn to pushing your own boundaries. A jaunt through the Garden Route through Cape Town in South Africa—complete with Bungee Jumping off Bloukrans Bridge—will get your adrenaline pumping.

Seeking Serenity:  The 1 Life Path is hard driving, so why not take your foot off the accelerator and take a chill-pill? Roll out the yoga mat and “Om” your way to rejuvenation in Bali.  


2 Life Path:  The Intuitive Peacemaker

As a 2 Life Path, you prefer traveling with your plus-one or your posse. Solo adventures aren’t really your happy zone. You’re the love bug of Life Path numbers and seek emotional connection all day and in every way. You’ll often find yourself tending to the details of your travel plans and coming up with sweet and thoughtful ways to make your excursion something to cherish for everyone involved.

The Perfect Getaway: Sometimes it’s difficult for you to decide where you want to go because you’re so focused on what everyone else wants to do. Consider Costa Rica for one epic week of off-grid living in primary rainforest.

Seeking Serenity:  The 2 Life Path blossoms with group activities and one-on-one time with your romantic partner. Try some hikes, meditation, and energy work in the world-class creative capital of Mexico City, where we adventure to the small towns outside of CDMX that are renowned sources of spiritual energy.  


3 Life Path:  The Creative Communicator

As a 3 Life Path, you thrive when you’re exploring on every level. Curiosity is your middle name! Your Life Path is paved with optimism and a lighter, joyful touch. Haul out the spotlight, because you’re a natural with anything that taps into your communication skills, including performance, speaking, counseling, or writing. Travel is a great way for you to gather more material and indulge your people-watching obsession.

The Perfect Getaway: City life calls you, oh-3 Life Path! Get thee to a concert, play, or gallery opening!  Try the neon lights and underground sites of Tokyo, Japan.

Seeking Serenity:  The 3 Life Path is an emotion ocean and taking time to cool your jets is mandatory. If you’re desire is for serene excellence, the rolling green hills of Tuscany, with all the olive groves and pasta you can handle, may be exactly what you need to rejuvenate.


4 Life Path: The Teacher & Systems Builder

As a 4 Life Path, you love a good adventure, yet it must be impeccably organized and structured. You’re a knowledge sponge and lifetime learner, so you’re often drawn to travel with a focus on expanding your knowledge—whether it’s a bird-watching tour, scuba diving, or a trip where you hone your photography skills. You’re the one who researches everything about where you’re going, staying, and are interested in the history of your destination.

The Perfect Getaway:  The 4 Life Path invented the color-coded calendar! A solid itinerary is a must for you. The outdoors also beckons. How about charting the majestic waters of Mexico’s Sea of Cortez and its historically epic sea life by sailboat in Baja California Sur.

Seeking Serenity: If there’s something the 4 Life Path needs to prioritize, it’s relaxation and flexibility. An outdoor adventure in the rainforests and serene beaches of Costa Rica has your name on it.


5 Life Path:  The Sensuous Freedom Seeker

As a 5 Life Path, you’re born for fearless adventure. Your mantra is “Don’t fence me in!”  The globe is your oyster and you’re meant to rack up experience points, not souvenirs. Of all the Life Path numbers, you were born with a golden passport and are meant to use it. Your sensual nature attracts you to total immersion in tactile experiences. Food and wine don’t even scratch the surface of your hedonistic palate.

The Perfect Getaway:  The 5 Life Path relishes travel, adventure, and cultural difference on a grand scale. There’s really no wrong destination for the 5, given that everything becomes an experience and a story to tell. Like traversing the cultural oasis of Medellin, Colombia, you’re born for a life of travel.

Seeking Serenity:  Despite the frenetic nature of the 5 Life Path, often you are drawn to metaphysics. Take a dip into stillness of the turquoise waters of Baja California Sur on an epic sailing adventure.  


6 Life Path:  The Nurturing Visionary

As a 6 Life Path, you’re often more of a homebody. Getting you out the door and on the road can take a little convincing, yet when you’re in, you’re in. You’re the culture vulture of the Life Path numbers and love nothing more than seeking experiences that feed your refined aesthetic sensibilities. Traveling with family or your plus-one is preferred. As a 6, you’re highly responsible and can easily get overwhelmed with the planning and execution of your perfect excursion. Loosen up and enjoy the ride, even if it comes with a few unplanned detours along the way!

The Perfect Getaway:  The successfully single 6 Life Path might yearn for the culture of city life, including concerts and other performance venues. Mexico City offers a rich cultural experience that is sure to quench your thirst for the vivacious and the audacious!

Seeking Serenity:  The 6 Life Path can reach burnout at record speed given that you’re always putting out fires, both in your personal and professional life. Try pushing the reset button where the mountains meet the sea in Cape Town.  


7 Life Path:  The Analyst & Spiritualist

As a 7 Life Path, you’re a seeker on every level. Travel beckons your soul and you’re often a person who needs some unplugged time to process all that life brings your way. You thrive in nature, particularly near water. The 7 Life Path is both the analyst and (sometimes reluctant) spiritualist. The mystical might call to you, whether that shows up overtly in the way of a meditation retreat, conscious breathing workshop, or other esoterically centered destination. Or it can show up as hiking, bike rides, or a winery tour.

The Perfect Getaway:  The 7 Life Path is often drawn to the road less traveled. Why not take the plunge and explore the colorful Latin American streets, inspired by Paris’ famous boulevards, in Buenos Aires.  

Seeking Serenity:  If you’re attracted to the spiritual life, bring your yoga mat and get your Zen on in Costa Rica.


8 Life Path:  The Financial Powerhouse

As an 8 Life Path, you’re the most business-minded of the Life Paths. When you’re in the groove, you’re the connector, influencer, and prefer the finer things in life. Often you have the opportunity to mix business with pleasure. The 8 Life Path moves through life with a large and in charge attitude. When it comes to travel, you’ll often make sure that your accommodations are first rate, whether you’re camping or taking a luxury barge tour.

The Perfect Getaway:  The 8 Life Path loves to enjoy comfort and quality. You’re always up for a challenging adventure. The Amazon beacons with experiences and tales to tell for the rest of your life!

Seeking Serenity:  The 8 Life Path lives a rather intense life with lots of professional pressure.  So you might find yourself desperately seeking serenity! If this is the case, Bali may be exactly up your alley.

9 Life Path:  The Charismatic Humanitarian

As a 9 Life Path, you’re a romantic at heart and international travel is an important part of your life’s journey. You’re the compassionate humanitarian and love to explore different cultures. You’re the person who sees the spark of humanity in every walk of life. You can often flow seamlessly from the streets of India to the affluence of Beverly Hills. You’re creative, charismatic, and always up for an adventure.

The Perfect Getaway:  The 9 Life Path benefits when you expand your perimeters and stretch the limits of your comfort zone.  Why not try somewhere a little out of your usual stomping ground? How about Tokyo or Lebanon?

Seeking Serenity:  Ready to slow down for a moment, oh-fast paced 9 Life Path? Perhaps tapas and wine in Barcelona would offer time and space for reflection and gearing down.


Felicia Bender, Ph.D. – The Practical Numerologist is an Unsettled: Tuscany alum, writer, speaker, and travel enthusiast. Interested in knowing more about your Life Path number? You can find her at or


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