Top 10 Reasons to Join Unsettled: Costa Rica this October

Are you craving a revived closeness to nature? What could one week living and exploring in the primary rainforest of Costa Rica do for you? There are infinite reasons to spend one week off-grid and infinite possibilities in one of the world’s unspoiled beachfront properties, but today we will narrow our reasons to join us in Costa Rica from October 13th-19th to our top 10. Without further ado… 

1. One of the Most Sustainable, Unspoiled Corners of the World

We will boat and hike into Punta Mona, an oasis on the Caribbean coast. When was the last time you fully surrendered to the natural world? With only 3-4 hours of WiFi connectivity a day, in the heart of the primary rainforest, we are going to consciously slow down and reconnect with ourselves and the planet. Punta Mona has more than 300 varieties of tropical fruit and nut trees, abundant root crops, vegetables, and over 150 medicinal plants. Every moment is bound to be a discovery. 

2. Our Guide is a World Renowned Permaculturalist 

World-renowned ethnobotanist, permaculture designer, educator, founder and primary Director of Punta Mona, Stephen Brooks, will welcome us into his dream. Stephen lives his life as a bridge between the human and the natural world. In his own words, “Trying to help people have experiences that reconnect them to nature, to spirit, to the magic that is life and the magic that is this beautiful planet that we live on.” We are ready!

3. Minimal Distractions Ripe for Resetting 

No road. No car. No bus. No office building. This is a time for you, our community, and our environment. In true Unsettled fashion, we are going to build a learning community made up of diverse adventurers and explorers. Collectively we will share family meals and stories from the many learnings of our careers, our life transitions, and where it is all heading, under the stars. We will become one with the natural ecosystem. 

4. Designated Time for Reflection

Every morning we will all have the opportunity to participate in daily yoga, meditation, or a reflective journaling session in the heart of nature. We have seen time and time again how when we take conscious time to reflect on our lives and ourselves, beyond the confines our regular day-to-day, so much is uncovered.

5. An Ecological Tour of the Gandoca Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge 

Over 25% of Costa Rica is made up of national parks, reserves, and wildlife refuges. It is fitting that our Costa Rican adventure will begin with an ecological tour of the Gandoca Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge. Protecting some of the most endangered flora and fauna of the region, expect to see multiple species of turtles, crocodiles, manatees, tarpons, eagles, pelicans, toucans, and dolphins! 

6. Natural Adventures, from Waterfall Hikes to Cocoa Ceremonies

It wouldn’t be a week of living Unsettled without some group adventures. We will curate some group adventures from natural mud baths to waterfall hikes, from special group meals to cocoa ceremonies with plants hand collected right in our home. Empowering and delicious!

7. The Caribbean Sea at Our Fingertips 

As the Costa Ricans say: ¡Pura Vida! (Pure Life). The beaches of the warm Caribbean Sea are our home at Punta Mona. Swimming, surfing, kayaking…it all awaits us this October. You will be able to choose from a dozen optional activities from surf lessons by some of the best instructors in Costa Rica, to standup paddleboard tours on a protected river, and much more.

8. A Diverse and Curated Community 

We can’t wait to welcome you (or welcome you back! 🙂 ) to our Unsettled community of entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals from all walks of life. It may feel like coming back home, or coming back to yourself, or both. This week will be unlike any other and it is the unique and diverse community that brings the magic. Always. 

9. Mindful Living Among Plant Life 

100 acres of secluded, unspoiled, and sustainable beachfront property to ourselves. We can already smell the fresh air. Learning about permaculture, rainforest ecology, and medicinal plant therapy is all available for us to experience firsthand.

10. Disconnecting to Reconnect 

Every adventure, conversation, meal, and workshop will help each and every one of us disconnect to reconnect — to ourselves, to the natural world, and to one another. While living Unsettled in Costa Rica we are going to regenerate our bodies, minds, and spirits as a community of explorers.

You in?

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Sailing Is A StartUp Sport

Sailing Is A StartUp Sport

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