Unsettled Acquires Digital Nomad Platform Wanderbrief

Worldwide Release. February 6th, 2020.

Today, Unsettled is excited to announce that it has acquired digital nomad platform Wanderbrief.

At its core, Unsettled is a community of professionals redefining how we live, work, and travel in the 21st century. With retreats in over a dozen locations, an online Lifestyle Incubator program for those seeking unconventional lifestyle and career paths, and 2000+ alumni from 80+ countries, our experiences are designed to take your work, life, and adventures beyond traditional borders. 

Wanderbrief, founded in 2015, provides a virtual home for thousands of freelancers, entrepreneurs and remote workers that use the world as their office. The community has members from 150+ countries and global partnerships with companies such as Adobe, Selina, and Vodafone.

In acquiring Wanderfbrief and working with Wanderbrief Co-Founders Mark van der Heijden and Valentijn van Santvoort, we are continuing our journey of inspiring a lifelong pursuit of growth, meaning, and adventure through travel and shared experiences. We anticipate a growing trend among professionals choosing to design and experiment with careers that bring more meaning, mobility, and independence to their lives, and view Unsettled as the world’s foremost destination for those seeking this path. Over the next few months, we’ll be working as a team with both founders and communities to explore how we can continue to expand and grow Unsettled with some additional brainpower and their global community.

“We’ve been following Wanderbrief since its beginning, and are super excited to have them join the Unsettled tribe. With their incredible community and Founders Mark and Valentijn on board, we take our worldwide journey to the next destination,” said Jonathan Kalan, CEO of Unsettled.

“We started Wanderbrief to help people step out of the 9-5 grind and to work from anywhere in the world.” explained Mark van der Heijden, CEO of Wanderbrief. “With our platform, partnerships and community, we support Unsettled’s strategy to lead the market and help a global generation design the lifestyle they want.”

*Fun fact: Due to their nomadic shared lifestyles, the Unsettled and Wanderbrief Founders managed to come to this agreement through video calls only. They have never met in real life


Unsettled Press Contact Information
Jonathan Kalan
W: http://www.beunsettled.co
IG: @Beunsettled
FB: @Beunsettled

Wanderbrief Press Contact Information

Mark van der Heijden
W: http://www.wanderbrief.com
IG: @wanderbrief
FB: @wanderbrief

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