Where We Are This Month: Bali, Barcelona and Cape Town

By Shitika Anand, Social Media Manager, Unsettled

Into The Unknown.

The name of the page you’re reading this on.

That uncertainty, the unfamiliarity, the not knowing what’s going to happen.

At Unsettled (clearly) we are all about that dive into the unknown and helping participants navigate through it each month. This month, we are ready for another leap into the unfamiliar.

For the first time, Unsettled is live in three destinations on three continents in one month.

How’s that for jumping into the unknown?

In Cape Town (our first time in the Mother City), we’ll have creatives and entrepreneurs look for opportunities to collaborate in work and play. In Bali, we’ll be visiting the island’s biggest rice paddy fields and learning how to make traditional Batik print. And in Barcelona, we’ll be soaking in the Mediterranean sun while eating a lot of tapas.

Here’s a little something from each destination to inspire you and keep you going until Halloween!


Tucked between the Indian and the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Town is an urban jungle like no other. This is a city of creatives, opportunities and ridiculously good-looking coastline.

The Table Mountain might be overlooked by locals, but it provides an Instagram-worthy backdrop to the capital city. This Mother City offers world-class wines, a rich selection of outdoor activities (including shark dives!), a thriving art scene, enviable sunsets from Signal Hill, safari options, and nightlife worthy of a hangover.

Craving this buzzing and carefree lifestyle, our October’s entourage includes: a filmmaker, a horticulturalist, a coding guru and a COO of a global retail online shop. They will be spending the month in three private villas located on the beaches of Camps Bay, but when not surfing the waves, our digital nomads will be busy being productive at the local co-working space.


This city is known for its late lunches, late dinners and even-later glasses of sparkling cava. And rightly so. Barcelona is the beating heart of Europe. The laid-back spirit of Cataonia lingers through the capital city with everyone wanting nothing but a big smile and a little shimmy while you’re at it.

This is Unsettled’s second retreat in Barcelona and its architecture, history, tapas bars and co-working spaces continue to inspire us. Our curated group of peers joining us for our October retreat are most looking forward to meeting creatives and entrepreneurs from 12 different countries, however a lot of them are keen to brush up on their Spanish. Bueno!

Days in Barcelona will be spent facilitating workshops by the sea, while the Gothic Quarter’s winding cobbled streets will be explored at night during family dinners. As the salty breeze flavors the air, this city is as beautiful as you’d imagine it to be. To explore the beauty and take it all in, this month, we’re being joined by a fiction writer, a cyber security consultant, an insurance man and a wrestling champion!


You could say we’re obsessed with this island, but Bali seems to have that effect on the best of us. This island in Indonesia is beautiful symphony of the most wonderful cultural, historical and environmental topics, and none of it will tire you.

In just 30 days, our October participants will master the art of maneuvering a scooter through peak hour traffic, swim with mola mola fish and turtles, hike cliff tops, jump from the same cliff tops into the sea, receive blessing at an ancient temple accessible only at low tide, learn how to surf then chase the best waves around the island, partake in a traditional evil-bashing full moon ceremony, start Monday mornings with a hot Bikram yoga class. All this… and much more.

The Unsettled Bali retreat is as much about the island and its offerings as it is about the community culture at our local neighbourhood in Ubud. This month, the participants will be hosting workshops, which will give them opportunities for collaboration, skill-share and have them bond over a poetry slam and a structured conversation on self-development and finding that work/life symmetry.

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