An Unsettled November: 3 Cities. 3 Continents. 75 Amazing Humans.

By Shitika Anand, Social Media Manager, Unsettled

You may have noticed our Instagram was a little more active than usual last month. That’s because it was our first month hosting three retreats, on three continents, at once. We waddled around with baby penguins in Cape Town, spent a weekend in 800-year old monastery outside of Barcelona, and yet again, formed another scooter gang in Bali.

This November, we are back for another month of triple threat, Unsettled style! We are taking this voyage to a new destination and two of our old favourites.

So, what’s in store this month?


First up, Buenos Aires. Sometimes referred to as the Paris of Latin America, the streets of Buenos Aires have a serious je ne sais quois going on for itself, or as the locals say “las callecitas de Buenos Aires tienen ese no sé qué”

The cafes, bars, vibrant riverside parks, steak houses and tango joints have all reinvented themselves since the 19th century. There’s a heady juxtaposition of modernity and rustic elegance in the air, as the Latin American vibes blend with Buenos Aires’ European past.

All said, it’s a damn fine looking city where people like to dress well, eat well, drink well and dance until the sun comes up. It may be considered the hedonistic capital of South America, but on an Unsettled experience, there’s inspiration in every tango lesson and a deep conversation in every wine pour.

We’ll be hitting up all of our favorite bars and cafes, spending a rustic weekend away camping at the local’s favorite Tigre river delta, and digging into the dozens of galleries, museums, and performances the city has to offer.

Who’s joining us in Buenos Aires this month? Between an illustrator, a travel agent, a ski resort owner and a yogi, we’ve covered plenty of topics for those dinner table conversations.

BYN5EE National Cabildo Facade at “Plaza de Mayo” (May Square) at twilight, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Next up, Porto. She might be Lisbon’s little sister, but she’s becoming the more popular one (Sorry, Libson), and definitely Unsettled’s favorite! November marks our first month in Portugal and we couldn’t have asked for a more attractive city to spend our European winter (though, a mild one!)

Don’t be fooled by the typical terracotta-tiled rooftops in this part of Europe, because Porto is just as steeped in its history as it is in contemporary innovations. The textile scene here is admirable for creatives alike, but the foodie culture is what will make for a fun dinner table conversation. Berlin may have more hipsters, but Porto is also quickly becoming the most attractive hub for entrepreneurship, art, design and nights that never end.

Who’s joining us for our first month in Porto? Between an abstract painter, a data visual analyst, an angel investor, a holistic life coach, and twenty other intrepid souls, it’s going to be a great month.


Finally, Bali. Our longest running Unsettled destination. And no, we’re not done exploring Bali yet. That’s virtually impossible.

This island has inspired us for months at a stretch, and with November being our last month in Bali this year before the monsoon rains hit, we’re going all out this month.

For the next 30 days, our November crew will experience the Balinese culture in all its brilliance – whether it’s with an impromptu temple ceremony outside the co-working space, or an island adventure to Nusa Penida. This month’s retreat in Ubud will be every bit special as the participants joining – an incredible mix of folks from 15 different countries, including Peru, Jordan, Lebanon, Estonia, Argentina, Romania, Chile, United States, Canada, South Africa, Panama, Kuwait, Mexico, and several more countries.

Are you ready to #BeUnsettled with us in November?

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