Top 50 Ways to Cope During the Coronavirus Pandemic

By: The Unsettled Team

The world is experiencing a global uneasiness as many of us have entered into unprecedented period of self isolation and social distancing.

While so many of us are cooped up in the confines of our own home, the far reach of the internet and what’s available at the click of a button is expanding (hopefully along with our compassion and awareness of universal humanity, but let’s start with the internet :)) 

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but here are some of our favorite links, videos, and resources for the mind, body, and spirit while we #StayAtHome.

For Your Physical Health… 

Free Workout Videos by Fitness Blender 

Free Yoga sessions by YogaWithAdriene 

Fitness Studios that are live streaming workout classes

Best home workout streams to try during quarantine

Virtual fitness classes in Boston

Click a muscle + get an exercise with MuscleWiki

For Your Mental & Spiritual Health… 

Coronavirus Sanity Guide by Ten Percent Happier

A Spiritual & Practical Response to COVID-19 for Thrive Global 

Practice Mindful Breathing with Breathwrk (you can also follow on Insta for some simple visuals)

Do Nothing for 2 mins – take a real break!

Seek some guidance with the Tiny spark App 

Free guided meditations and meditation timers on Insight Timer 

For Armchair Travel…

National Parks that offer Virtual Tours

12 Famous Museums You can take a Virtual Tour Of

Teleport to anywhere in the world with Map Crunch and explore!

For Staying Cultured… 

Learn a new language with Duolingo

Get drink inspiration with Drinkify 

Explore CNN’s list of all the concerts, plays, museums, ballets, zoos, and other culture you can stream for your home! 

Watch Concerts, lectures, interviews recorded live from the 92Y

For When You Are on Sabbatical and Can’t Travel… 

Online courses from Udemy

Online courses from Coursera

Explore your creativity with Skillshare  

Free online photography lessons 

Improve your typing speed

Redesign your life framework with Unsettled’s Lifestyle Incubator

For Parents at Home…

7 Video Options to Keep Kids Busy and Educated During the Coronavirus

125 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained During the Coronavirus Crisis 

Guided Lunch Time Doodles with well-known illustrator Mo Willems every weekday at 1pm EST. 

For Random Fun – when you need to space out…

Play pictionary with AI on Quick, Draw!

Play Drench, a super addictive color game

All musicians streaming live concerts and where/how to watch them

For Doing Some Good…

Sign a petition and make your voice heard through

See what aid organizations are doing in your community (for example in the US here) for those in need and demand action!

For Connecting with Others (COMMUNITY!)…

Have a Netflix Party! – Stream Netflix shows with other friends at home 

Karaoke Party! – a 24 hour karaoke party via zoom to join in and sing with others

Community silent disco

Zoom – Live stream chats with your friends and think of ways you can put a theme to it; Group board games, costume parties, or just take time to check in on loved ones. Our Head of Community this week even joined a local knitting group on Zoom in the ski town of Stowe, Vermont! 🙂

Join a Zoom call with your Unsettled group!!!! Now’s a great time to connect more than ever and spread some love.

For staying sane offline…

…Do a puzzle

…Read books


…Practice handstands

…Learn a magic trick

…Write letters to friends or make a home-made card

…Do yoga in your own practice

…FaceTime a friend

…Do some spring cleaning 


Keep well, Unsettlers!

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