We Heard You Had Questions: Unsettled Thailand

We Heard You Had Questions: Work from thailand

By: The Unsettled Team

This Tuesday, we are hosting an Ask Us Anything. 

You can sign up for it and send us your questions ahead of time here.

Register for the event, and you’ll get $100 off your next Unsettled retreat.

We’ve been getting lots of questions ahead of time, and we wanted to give a preview of some of the questions and answers we’ll get around to on Tuesday, March 21st. 

Q: Per Thailand, what’s NOT included? – Sarah

A: Hey Sarah, most everything is included in Thailand. All you need is your flights to Phuket, 3-4 dinners, 2-3 lunches, and if you’re a diver, you can rent all your wet suits and equipment for about $20/day. All other lodging, meals, transportation, activities, and local guides are included! 

Q: What are the COVID restrictions for entry Unsettled Thailand? – Marc

A:  Hi Marc, There are no COVID entry requirements or restrictions in Thailand at this time. No vaccine requirements nor testing to enter or travel around. 

Q: What’s the TLDR itinerary in Thailand? – Nicole (Bali 2019 alum)

A: Hey Nicole! Good to hear from you. TLDR itinerary:
 – Days 1 – 8 Phuket, Thailand
     – Daily breakfast, most lunch, and most dinners
     – Morning yoga or martial arts 
     – Our own in-house chef
– Days 8 – 12, The Similan & Surin Islands, Thailand
     – 4 nights on our 100-foot liveaboard dive boat
     – 12 + snorkeling and diving spots 
     – Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all snacks included

Q: Hey, it’s me again. What’s a typical day like on the diving trip in Thailand? – Nicole

A: It’s always good to hear from an alumni (again 🙂 A typical diving day goes more or less as follows:
     – Light breakfast, followed by briefing & Dive1
     – Full breakfast, relaxation, followed by briefing & Dive 2
     – Lunch, relaxation, followed by briefing & Dive 3
     – Snacks, relax, nap, kayak, beach exploration
     – Briefing for Dive 4, sunset or night dive
     – Dinner, drinks, games, starry nights.
     – Sleep. Repeat. 

Q: Hey team, who’s going on the Thailand trip? Thinking about joining. – Mike

A: Well….a bunch of badasses from all over! In all seriousness, we have 12 people currently signed up. There are 15 spots. So 3 spots are open. We have 7 alumni who’ve traveled with Unsettled previously joining us. The average age is in the late 30s. Several professionals who are either in a career transition or are thinking about their next moves.

Q: I need to do a little work while we’re in Thailand. Will I be the only one? – Rebecca

A: Good question, Rebecca! You definitely will NOT be the only one working. Now, will everyone be working full-time? Probably not. But it’s fair to expect everyone to work a little bit that first week in Thailand. The second week we plan to unplug on the boat, and trade in our computer screens for dive computers. 

Got questions? 

A: Join our upcoming Live Q&A on our upcoming retreats. It’s March 21st at 9am or 3pm ET.

Register here and receive $100 off your next Unsettled retreat. 

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