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Everybody’s life changes a little bit after an Unsettled retreat, but in vastly different ways. Some alumni break old habits, some evolve their perspective, all build new connections and relationships, while others embrace giant life shifts.

Here are four recent alumni stories for your daily dose of epic inspiration…

Name: Ashley Wilson

Current Location: Grace Bay, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands

Next travel destination: TUSCANY – WITH UNSETTLED!!! Then continuing the adventure around Europe.

A current word or intention in your life at the moment:  My intention of the moment, and every one after this one, is to live a life full of an abundance of gratitude. I am so grateful for every experience I have had so far in life, and plan to live with gratitude and intention from here on out. My Unsettled experience in Bali brought so many moments that made me feel so alive and free, that I plan to never live any other way again.

What has been the biggest change in your life since your Unsettled retreat?

Unsettled introduced me to some lifelong friends that I will forever be grateful for, and some true inspirations. The trip was full of such powerhouse people, that I learned so much from (whether they know it or not!), and I know that after seeing such motivated and strong people following their dreams, that I will never allow myself to “settle” again. After Unsettled, I moved across the world from the Westcoast of Canada in Vancouver, to the beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands. Living on a tropical island was always a dream of mine (that I never expected to have the opportunity to do this early in life), and I have loved every minute of the year and a half I have spent on this little island.

After your retreat, what does it mean to you to Live Unsettled?

To me, living Unsettled means dropping all fears, and being unapologetically, exactly who you are. This means I have now decided to no longer live for other people and their expectations, and plan to put my time and energy into being ME!

Today, do you still feel Unsettled? I do! In the greatest way. I leave on my Tuscany Unsettled trip at the end of this month, and have decided it is time for a new season of change. I have left my job, and decided it is time to really strip all fear and pour everything into building my own business. I can’t wait to head to the airport this month to my next Unsettling experience, and to see where it leads me to next!


Name: Alexandra Fletcher

Current Location: South Carolina

A current word or intention in your life at the moment: Surrender

What has been the biggest change in your life since your Unsettled retreat?

Most of my life I introduced the character I preferred to be, an untethered, tenacious freelance writer. The truth, for 16 years I lived on the precipice of my potential. After college and internships, I largely worked as a waitress anchored to a zip code, who only dreamed bigger in the fractures of light that escaped an overwhelming wall of self-doubt. I came back from Nicaragua energized; I had a full time serving job, unfinished freelance projects, tons of bills/debt, and no idea how I would alter the trajectory of my life, but finally believed I could. My Unsettled comrades in confusion held my hand without ever touching me. They inspired me with their willingness to explore themselves, the reminder that I wasn’t alone in questioning the prescribed hierarchy of living. It was in that synchronicity I finally found the inspiration and courage to begin to curate a life of my own design. Six months and 500 cover letters later, I landed a remote gig. I quit my serving job, sold all my things and left New York. In the subsequent six months, I’ve stayed in 2 countries, 6 states, and countless cities. I’ve published travel pieces, I’m getting consistent requests for freelance work, and next month I’m off to Europe to reunite with a Nicaragua alum in Bulgaria.

After your retreat, what does it mean to you to Live Unsettled?

My version of living Unsettled isn’t about a remote job or vacation, it is a pause and reflective communion accessible anywhere. For me, it’s taking internal inventory outside the dulled noise of monotony to make room for my voice; It is unity in the search for courage, making the time to witness my reflection in the contrasting biographies of others. With each of my journeys, I strive for this. To be Unsettled in the way I connect, to seek deeper and walk forward with an open heart and the knowledge that I am never alone. A reminder, per the great Ram Dass, we are all simply, “walking each other home.” For me, It has nothing to do with a location – It is a lived experience fueled by the belief that fear and courage can coexist.

Today, do you still feel Unsettled?

Every day. I am still afraid of so many unknowns; Meetings life’s logistical demands, of roaming past my expiration date, and so goes the clip reel of my monkey mind – But I am free. Feeling Unsettled now means that I will be disappointed, but in the choice to accept what comes I am simultaneously choosing the grace that also delivers in my choice to leap. That’s exciting. And just in case fear tries to have its way with me again, I got a permanent reminder in Nicaragua — a tattoo that reads, “ Abrazar lo desconocido.” (Embrace the unknown) In short, a girl has no zip code.


Name: Tom Henton

Current Location: Singapore since January for work but home is (was) London.

Next travel destination: I’m moving to Mexico City in two weeks time so I imagine Mexico is going to be the focus for me for the rest of the year. I’ve joined the June Moleskine | Unsettled Mexico City retreat which will be a great induction to my new home.

A current word or intention in your life at the moment: Recalibration

What has been the biggest change in your life since your Unsettled retreat?

There has certainly been a significant change in direction since Bali in October 2018 (where I met Natalia). I’m moving to Mexico City in a few weeks to start a life together and I’ve left my job where I’ve been for 9 years. Oh, and I don’t speak Spanish – it’s going to be fun..!

After your retreat, what does it mean to you to Live Unsettled?

To live without borders – both the physical ones that we have to cross to get to the next destination but also the mental ones that need to be overcome to allow yourself to do that.

Today, do you still feel Unsettled?

More than ever. And it’s only going to get better.


Name: Maria Ghanem

Current location: Lebanon

Next travel destination: Paris in September

A current word or intention in your life at the moment: “Live moment to moment, live for the moment, live in the moment.” I’ve been rushing a lot of things lately that I missed the gift of the present moment, I forgot that every breath is a miracle, my intention currently is to live Now and only Now.

What has been the biggest change in your life since your Unsettled retreat?

Where do I even start, I would have never imagined the impact of that experience, the amazing people I met that I can proudly consider family. How would that affect my life? Well I came back from Bali and left my job in medical sales, cut all safety cords and begun my career as a life coach, which I was preparing for the 2 previous years. I couldn’t have done it without the impact of my Unsettled family. They made me believe that I can do anything, that what I was searching for was already within… I was waiting for the right moment and I knew that I needed a spiritual journey to uncover my strengths… and that was Bali. Now I’m on my mission to empower people and help them find their gifts. I have my own clients, my workshops, and it keeps getting better and better. Thanks to my Unsettled trip.. I only needed to believe I can… so I did.

After your retreat, what does it mean to you to Live Unsettled?

After my retreat, living Unsettled for me is freedom, experiencing that I have no limits and not just the external boundaries of a country… I mean defying all the internal obstacles, limiting beliefs that were stopping me once… Unsettled made me realize that at our core we are all the same, we are all human beings on a spiritual path, searching externally for what already is within. But the greatest gift offered in Unsettled is having each other walking the same path and doing the journey together.

Today, do you still feel Unsettled?

Oh yes, definitely definitely yes… I feel Unsettled anytime I remember my trip, everytime I connect with my Unsettled family, everytime I get a phone call or a visit from them… I feel I have a home in every country, there is no borders now.. only freedom.


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