Why Sometimes You Just Need To Go With the Flow…

One of the many rewarding aspects of travel is the ability to become anybody that you want to be. Sometimes where we call home puts constraints on who we are and who we can become. The ancient philosopher Heraclitus famously mused, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” Sometimes all we need is some new rivers to step into in order to grow in profound ways. All we need is a tangible opportunity to really go with the flow. Now a little more on our friend Heraclitus: The river you step into now is a little different than the river you will step into in a moment because it is always in constant flow, and so are we. Imagine how different we can become if we do not measure change over moments but from one day to the next? Traveling not only opens doors to new rivers but to new possibilities of you.

Go With the Flow with Solo Travel

Solo travel can spark new discoveries about oneself and it is unbelievable what magic can happen when a group of solo travelers from all around the world explores new surroundings together. When a group of travelers choose to go with the flow together, deep waves are formed. These waves push each individual to discover something new around them and often something deep within them. When you return to the river bank where you call home, you will have been changed. Furthermore, maybe it is also us who change the flow of the rivers we tread. One of the founding principles at Unsettled is to “leave no trace, only a positive impression”. Perhaps like the rivers that we walk through change us, the river is also different from one moment to the next because we have made positive impressions beneath its waters.

Next time that you are told to “go with the flow”, remember that you are also flowing.


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