Ahmad Mohsen


Cairo, Egypt

Unsettled destination:

What do you do for work?
I’m a full-time travel storyteller and blogger. I create travel content to teach my audience in the Middle East all about the tips and tricks about traveling from the MENA region and explore the beautiful world.

What makes you feel most alive?
The moment I get off a plane and arrive in a new country… the unknown is where I’m the happiest.

Reason for joining Unsettled?
I loved how Unsettled combined adventure, travel and work, all in 30 days, and it’s exactly what I needed right now in my life. This month in Bali has given me a platform to meet new people, and yet have time for myself to create new content.

What does living Unsettled mean to you?
Nowadays you can easily book a flight and a room on your own anywhere around the world but with Unsettled, it’s a little different. With Unsettled you book an experience. You book a chance to experience the work/life balance in a different way but with similar, like-minded travelers. During my trip to Bali, Unsettled’s travelers became my friends and family. Spending a month with them help me build a connection: a connection that made us care for each other; a connection where we learnt from our wildly cultural experiences. And even after the month got over, we remained friends… you don’t get this when you travel on your own and meet someone random on the beach or at a restaurant. 

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