Rima Bazzi

Beirut, Lebanon

Unsettled destination:
Bali, Indonesia

What do you do for work?
Holistic health coach (specialised in eating disorders) – Hypnotherapy for phobia, weight loss, self-confidence, anger management, anxiety

What are you most passionate about?
About living a life of impact and contribution

Reason for joining Unsettled?
– Get out of my bubble and comfort zone.
– Needed to disconnect and a new source of inspiration.
– Explore and expand my knowledge about the world.
– Meet inspiring people on the road and grow on my personal journey

I’ve always wanted to travel on my own but didn’t have the courage to do it. Unsettled made it easy for me and also provided me with a network of people which made the whole experience so rich and enjoyable.

What does being Unsettled mean to you?
Being unsettled feels liberating. It’s about opening up to a whole range of new possibilities, saying yes to new experiences and not setting expectations that limit your growth.

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