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Rethinking Your Lifestyle or Career?

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Seeking a career or lifestyle pivot, and want to be more intentional with your next steps?

Along with Flexjobs, we hosted this interactive, fun, and powerful webinar to guide you through an introductory framework for lifestyle design that includes these three aspects of your life: People, Place, and Purpose.

This one-hour workshop, adapted from our 4-week online Lifestyle Incubator Program, is designed to help you dig deep and assess your current career and life trajectory using Unsettled’s core anchors and lifestyle design methodology.


What You’ll Learn

  • A simple yet highly effective framework that challenges you to discover which areas of life you’re intentionally (and unintentionally) prioritizing.
  • How this impacts your life decisions and daily well-being.
  • And how you can use this awareness to begin navigating your next steps with clarity and purpose.

Take an hour to help get you started on your lifestyle and career changes. Have a pen and paper ready for this interactive event!

Webinar Recording

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