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Welcome to Unsettled for companies

Interested in Unsettled beyond joining single experience? Have ideas of ways we can work together? Take a look below at the various ways we work with partners who think differently about how we live, work, and adventure, and are actively shaping the future of their industries.


Group Retreats

We know a thing or two about organizing incredible community-driven experiences. With over 60 retreats run across 15 locations worldwide, and over 1200 alumni from 80+ countries and as many professional backgrounds, we know what it takes to inspire productivity, growth, and change on an individual and team-wide level.

Unsettled’s retreats for teams are designed to help world-leading institutions and organizations break routines and re-ignite creative thinking in a comfortable yet collaborative environment.

Our customized programs provide quality accommodations, a solid and reliable remote working space, workshops and accountability sessions that offer a unique growth-centric experience for any company that believes that feeling a little bit “unsettled” is a positive impulse for change, innovation, and growth.

What can your team expect with Unsettled?

• A fully-furnished private bedroom & membership at a local coworking space
• Regular curated dinner parties, themed conversations, and immersive events
• Peer-to-peer workshop facilitation, local experiences and local access
• Customized adventure, team-building, and immersion activities
• Dedicated staff to help every member of your team live fully.
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Corporate Partners Program

Is your company on the leading edge of the future of work and employee engagement? Or, are you trying to be? If you’re looking for a way to keep your employees happy, healthy, and productive for longer, Unsettled retreats are the perfect opportunity for:

  • A productivity-driven experience centered around growth and diverse perspectives to reward high performing employees
  • A sabbatical opportunity for executives or employees to feel renewed and refocused
  • Revamping an annual bonus into an experience of a lifetime.

Our goal is to build a future of work + life integration where productivity and purpose meld to create high performing and powerful teams. We are highlighting our corporate partners as experts on the future of work through our industry talks, editorial objectives, and more.

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Community Partners

Unsettled was built on a principle of open collaboration, learning, and growth. We partner with organizations of all sizes who embrace intellectual curiosity, transformative thinking, challenging the status quo and the pursuit of more meaningful ways to live, work, and show up in the world.

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Unsettled is a global community for those who value meaningful human connection. 

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