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Want to get Remote work right?

Whether you’ve recently gone hybrid, are a fully remote team, or are building up to it together, knowing how to do it well has pretty clear benefits:

  • 50% decrease in resignations when companies go remote, according to recent research at Stanford.
  • 64% of recruiters say that pitching a work-from-home policy helps them find high-quality talent.
  • 69% of millennials say they would give up other benefits in order to have more flexible work policies as priority.

But many teams and organizations are starting remotely on shaky ground.

Unsettled Team Journeys™ is our proven framework of interactive virtual experiences and exercises that delivers tactical training for teams moving into remote work, letting you build a solid cultural foundation for hybrid ways of working.

These hands-on journeys are designed to cultivate your team’s flexible skillset and mindset through practical workshops, tools, and exercises that help you build the connections and trust that keep your organization’s culture together – even when your team is apart.

Your take away? An engaged and inspired team with a strong cultural foundation for your remote work culture to thrive. 

how DOES team journeys™ work?


Pick Your Content Themes.

We start by asking: What are the skills and perspectives that you need now to transform your team’s focus, outputs, and engagement? 

Team Journeys™ are modular by design, allowing you to choose from more than a dozen content themes that matter to your team.  Each theme focuses on a central skillset or mindset of hybrid culture building and remote teamwork. Choose as many or as few themes as you want.

For each theme, a core question frames and helps guide our targeted hands-on explorations to level up your team’s hybrid productivity, collaboration, and agency.

How can we reimagine the water-cooler? Themed modules come together to create a peer-to-peer culture building journey where participants can explore, co-create, and connect. 


Remote Work Styles Assessment

Better understand your team’s remote work styles, needs, strengths, and preferences.

The Role of Place & Space

Rethink and redefine ideas about space and place to best serve your team’s objectives.

Building a Hybrid Community

Collectively create a hybrid community that is equally strong in remote environments as it is in-person.

Developing Hybrid Habits

Evolve your teams habits, practices, and norms for optimum hybrid work. 

Reimagining Serendipitous Encounters

Experiment with serendipitous encounters in a new context – reinvent the watercooler for hybrid work. 

Becoming a Hybrid Leader

Cultivate a flexible approach in making dynamic adjustments that bring clarity, inclusivity, and productivity.

Remote Skillsets

Build new skills to run remote whiteboard meetings, optimize your team’s use of their suite of apps and tech stacks.

Reinventing Meetings

Redesign how you run meetings, eliminate wasted time, and establish better remote meeting protocols.

Work/Life Balance

Collectively create a remote culture that values life outside of work, knowing that it helps us be at our best at work.

STEP #2:

Select Your Session Bundle.

From diving deep on a single theme to taking our standard 1-month journey or unlocking monthly explorations, session bundles are customizable to flex for your ideal flow.

Your themes are crafted into a journey in the delivery bundle of your choice, designed to best meet your needs and pace.

Find your fit… No two teams or companies are the same. Our bundles let your Team Journey™ be delivered in the way that works for you. This is flexibility at its best! 


(A): Single Theme, Deep Dive

Select 1 content theme to be explored over 2 weeks in 2 Live Sessions.

One of most popular themes to start with is our Remote Work Styles Assessment, where your team joins two interactive sessions to uncover where, when, and how we can bring out our best in hybrid and remote work environment.

(B): Classic, 1-Month Journey

This classic Unsettled format is a program that delivers 4 weeks of content via Live Sessions, a Community Platform, and asynchronous exercises.

You select up to 4 themes from above and, in one month, we facilitate 4 weekly modules including a Welcome Call, 4 Live Sessions, and 4 experimental exercises. 

(C): Ongoing Hybrid Journey

Effective hybrid work takes regular evaluations, on-going skill building, and continued dedication.

With this bundle, Remote Labs delivers one theme per month to guide your team through the skills, mindsets, and tools they need to stay at their best in evolving work environments.


STEP #3:

 Press play and go…

Adjust elements to craft your perfect Team Journey™ using our customizable “flexibility within a framework” approach. As your guides and hosts, we will be supporting your progress and leading every phase of bringing your journey to life.

The roll out of every bundle is scheduled across 3 key phases:


The Pre-Experience components cover program announcements, scheduling, registration, and digital tools such as Experience Guides and participant surveys.


This is where your team gets to work. Once your Team Journeys launch, our facilitation begins and your community platforms open. We are there guiding your team through each session, exercise, and module.


At the completion of your journey, the Remote Labs team gathers feedback and insights from participants and goes through them with your leadership team. There’s a wealth of knowledge that helps your team to grow.

Ready to start your team journey? 


Unsettled has helped startups, SMBs, and Fortune 50 corporations discover how to turn remote work challenges into remote work opportunities. 

Wondering how we can help improve your remote culture?

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Unsettled has been an invaluable partner in our evolution towards hybrid ways of working over the past few months. They have supported us in our culture change journey and capability building for our people leaders through developing and running virtual programmes and training sessions.


Business Representative Lead, Australia

It provided a framework to let me do the explorations that I have been scratching at for a long time.


Senior Organizational Effectiveness Consultant, USA

In the end I discovered that I didn’t need to quit my job to be happy. I just needed to change the rules of engagement. 


International Development Expert, Switzerland

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