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Since our founding, we’ve run over 150 experiences across 25+ countries. We’ve seen it all, and have learned a thing or two about what it takes to curate exceptional shared experiences and build community and motivation that works both online and offline. We’ve hosted thousands of participants and know what really matters!

With our in-person retreats and team offsites, you can now leverage Unsettled’s expertise, structure, support, local knowledge and connections of globally recognized experience design. We bring valuable logistical support, agenda planning, team development opportunities, and innovation teams around the world, with the mission of designing experiences that transform teammates into lasting collaborators.


We help teams that are working remotely, flexibly, or indeed in the same office, choose the right trip destination, find and book venues with ideal accommodations and workspace, and best use their time together for meaningful transformation and lasting, positive impact. A team retreat and time spent offsite together is perfect for experimenting with new ways of working.


  • Company Retreats
  • Team Offsites
  • Coworking Getaways
  • Meeting + In-person Workshops
  • Workcations
  • Single Day Events

How we travel

Easy. Meaningful. Beyond Your Average Team Building. 

Unsettled’s in-person team retreats and travel experiences are designed to be the unexpected adventure of a lifetime, crafted to break your routine and inspire new perspectives, while still allowing you to stay active and productive.

We co-create remarkable experiences for organizations and teams who refuse to settle in their pursuit of growth, meaning, and discovery.

In each destination, we provide the essentials you need to feel connected, comfortable, and collaborative: accommodations, workspace, local experts, curated experiences, development workshops, and meaningful moments for you to come together. 


We are known for thinking outside the box when it comes to finding and setting up retreat locations. We understand there is no one size fits all when it comes to destination and that you don’t need an exotic location to make your experience successful. Instead, your location needs to meet your unique requirements for logistical ease, productivity, inspiration, and work-play balance.


From an exotic villa with spacious communal areas, to urban apartment spaces and not too ‘corporate’ hotels within your budget, we help you select spaces that are both inspiring and practical. We understand how important details like capacity, internet speed, and easy to use workspace can be when looking for venues that match your team needs.


Daily planning, local adventures, and guest experts who help you go beyond traditional borders. Every Unsettled experience combines elements of personal growth, relationship building, experimentation, productivity, and adventure into one incredible journey into the unknown.


Unlock your potential for your happy, connected, and more productive team.

We believe that the best experiences are not passively consumed, but actively co-created. Unsettled experiences are not “guided tours” in the traditional sense, but instead are facilitated and curated in a way that offers new perspectives, ideas, conversations, and challenges that open space for possibility in your team’s work.

Team Retreats are also your chance to accelerate and deepen your team’s conversation – about strategy, goals, vision, tactics, and so much more. This is a valuable time to bring people together to make decisions and get clarity so you can go back to work and put things into action.

Holding an in person team retreat designed with intentionality has a transformational effect. When people work together   to address shared issues, challenges, and new potential, without the distractions of everyday environments, team magic happens.


  • Clarity + Tackling New Initiatives
  • Agility + Experimentation
  • Alignment + Shared Purpose
  • Connection + Team Bonding
  • Defined Goals + Action Planning
  • Inspiration + New Visions
  • Trust + Teamwork
  • Reflection, Celebration, and Fun


We’re more than just travel experts, we are also world-renowned designers when it comes to community building, culture design, and facilitating meaningful work. 

Our team of designers and experienced leaders bring years of on-the-ground experience into planning your retreat flow, managing expectations, bringing people together, finding extra fun, and helping your team leave energized and excited for the future. 

We bring intentionality, thoughtful design, and human-centric planning to all we do.


    Destination planning + scouting

    Local adventures, activities + excursions

    Onsite support + troubleshooting


    Pre-travel planning + booking process support

    Workshop facilitation + original content

    Extra surprises, memorable moments + authentic fun

    Daily experience + agenda planning

    Sessions moderation + discussion leading

    All inclusive packages + rewards


    LET’s PLan your team adveNture!

    Unsettled has helped startups, SMBs, and Fortune 50 corporations discover how to turn remote work challenges into remote work opportunities. 

    Ready for the team retreat of a lifetime?

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    “Unsettled’s team are the best facilitators that I have ever engaged with. Their energy was unwavering and infectious.”

    Program Attendee


    It was an extraordinary experience, one that left me feeling affirmed, motivated, and inspired. I’ve never experienced group travel in the way that Unsettled does it, and the co-curation of our time together made it of much for that just a trip.


    Artist and Culture Worker, USA

    I was immediately reminded that stepping outside of my comfort zone is my comfort zone, and it became the catalytic for an intense and unexpected level of person and professional growth for me.


    CEO, USA

    Working with Unsettled was an amazing and unique experience. Our 10-day leadership learning journey was not only well organized but thoughtfully crafted and curated. The team worked hard to blend our leadership program into a seamless experience, and our group left with new inspiration and a renewed sense of purpose. I would highly recommend partnering with Unsettled, as they are true experience designers and know how to make every moment count.


    Program Chair, USA

    We are experts in navigating the unknown


    Every good journey begins with a question. In 2016, Unsettled was founded on a simple design question: Given what’s newly possible in the world, how can we best design our lives and work?

    Since then, as a company, we have set out to explore the many possible ways to answer this important question.

    Along the way, we have developed a unique community-building process and approach that empowers people to understand and adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of how life and work come together, and re-design their lives and work for more growth, meaning, and adventure.

    Today, we have a rigorous methodology and real-world expertise in designing, facilitating, and delivering world-class experiential programming for both teams and individuals that has led to:


    • International co-working experiences in over 25 countries and virtually around the world, for thousands of people representing diverse professional backgrounds from Netflix producers and scientists to founders of high-growth startups and Fortune 100 executives.
    • Design awards from the United Nations, Skift Travel, and recognition in publications such as The New York Times, the BBC, FastCompany, CNN, and more.
    • A global community of multi-cultural professionals who are actively redefining how we live, work, and grow in the twenty-first century.
    • A unique voice in leading the future of work routed in real world experience and meaningful human connection.

    Unsettled is a global community for those who live and work differently. 

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