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Theme #02: Storytelling
October 1st -31st, 2020

Each month of the Global Passport has an exploratory theme to support our collective journey of growth, discovery, and connection. This October, we have chosen: STORYTELLING 

Stories make sense and meaning of the world around us. They create the foundation for societies, shape our beliefs, and define our identities.

Storytelling is our oldest form of navigating the complex realities that surround us; from the rise of religion to modern artificial intelligence, stories shape how we act upon our collective past, present, and future. 

This month’s theme in the Global Passport is an invitation to play an active role in a four-part play on how we use storytelling to…

…better understand how the story you tell yourself creates or limits opportunities in your life

…learn how to effectively craft powerful stories in your work, and to bring alive cultural movements you believe in

…reflect and analyze how the really big stories of 2020 will impact us for years to come

…show up as a stronger public speaker, memoir writer, poet, or any other form of self-expression by stepping onto the stage of life.

Throughout it all, you will connect with the stories behind people from around the world, discover how stories shape social and cultural movements unfolding before you in 2020, and grow into a better storyteller yourself.  

Consider this your one-time invitation to join us to explore: Storytelling 



These free sessions are open to members and non-members, as an opportunity for you to experience the Global Passport.

The New Frontier: How Entrepreneur Hebah Fisher is Building the Future of Media in the Middle East

#Discover Session | October 12

The Middle East is full of stories. Yet, so many human-centric stories in this region are left in the shadow of a more common narrative of war and conflict. Learn how media entrepreneur Hebah Fisher is using podcasting to shine the light on the brighter narratives from this region that are waiting to be told. Mrs. Fisher is the co-founder of Kerning Cultures, the first ever podcast to receive VC funding in the Middle East.


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Building Connections in Storytelling: What's Your Story?

#Connect Session | October 2

In our first session this month, we will connect with Unsettled members from around the world through (1) personal stories of who we are, (2) where our journies have taken us, (3) how the stories we tell shape our lives, and (4) how we have the power to shape them! Come prepared with paper, pen, and be ready for new, global connections!

Your Mind on Stories: How Your Mind Creates Your Reality.

#Growth Session | October 7

The average person has over 12,000 thoughts per day, the majority of which are repeated, day after day, in meta patterns that are based in many things, from our early childhood development to our success and struggles later in life. Overall, these patterns form powerful stories that we tell ourselves. In this Community Contribution, you will discuss how your perspective on yourself powerfully impacts your emotions and ultimately your actions and attitudes in life.

Storycrafting: Learn How Your Story Can Start Social & Cultural Movements

#Discover Session | October 8

Zach Bell and Monica Bagley are legends in the making when it comes to using stories to create movements.  In this Discovery Session, you will use foundational structures from the Hero’s Journey, Pixar, and Burning Man to create your story. Warning: Only participate if you are prepared to use your story to create lasting social change for good. 

How to Use Your Innate Creativity & Self-Expression for Healing

#Discover Session | October 11

Creative Response Therapy is a progressive, artistic technqiue that engages your self-expression to integrate therapeutic tools into your art supplies for life. You will need color pencils (or markers or crayons) and will receive a print out ahead of time.

Transforming Trauma into Art

#Grow Session | October 14

This is a story about transforming tragedy and trauma into meaning and purpose. Come prepared to hear a powerful story from Argentinian playwright, Pablo Gershanik, and learn how to turn your struggles into triumph.

Memoir Writing: Connecting the Dots of Your Story.

#Connect Session | October 16

We all have a story to tell. But it’s not always easy to know which story to tell first, or how to tell it. Join this community contribution to learn how to turn your hero’s journey and your traumas and struggles into unique, compelling narratives. You will learn the fundamentals of memoir writing, whether you’re writing your life’s story or looking to understand it.

Unpacking the really BIG stories of 2020.

#Discover Session | October 18

Black Lives Matter vs. old narratives holding onto power. Conservation vs. consumption. The impact of 2020 will shape us for years, even generations, but how much can we understand the enormity of this year through competing narratives in society? Come engage with master storyteller, producer, and nationally acclaimed communications coach, Dawn J. Fraser. She was featured as a speaker amongst some of the nation’s top innovators and change makers at TED@NYC and currently teaches storytelling to students through The Moth’s Community Program. She is also the creator/host of ‘Barbershop Stories’, which features storytellers performing true tales in barbershops and salons around NYC.  

AstroLocality & "Starrytelling": Find Your Power Places

#Discover Session | October 20

Have you ever wondered why each place you’ve lived can feel so different? Why do some places feel ripe with opportunity, and others seem to challenge, stress, or drive you a bit crazy? Have you wondered where on earth your beloved may be, or a place that may enhance your professional life?

In this workshop, we will use “starrytelling” to realize that you can change your life story, by where you live… by connecting with people from your Power Places.

Coffee and Vulnerability

#Connect Session | October 21

We’re coming together for one of our classic Unsettled Connect sessions. We will bring the thoughtful prompts and engaging questions for you to discuss 1:1 and in small groups, with participants from around the world.

woman sketching lala apted

Writing Hour: A Guided Hour to Work on Your Story.

#GROW Session | October 22

Our session this week is an invitation for you to connect to your personal story and experiences through the act of putting pen to paper. Join us for a hands on journaling workshop to see how you can use some simple writing techniques to benefit your creativity, mental health, and more.

woman sketching lala apted

Unsettled Lifestyle Workshop: What Story do You Want to Live?

#GROW Session | October 27

We all know that our narratives impact our experience, but what does that mean for imagining our futures? Join us for human-focused workshop to look at how we can live the stories we want to tell.

woman sketching lala apted

Find Your Tribe and Grow

#GROW Session | October 28

In this community contribution, brand & marketing strategist and Global Passport member Tekisha Harvey will be presenting on the art of building your TRIBE for business GROWTH. It all starts with the consumer. Understanding them allows you to better connect with them to build the most relevant products and experiences. After all, without customers, there is no business! Come and learn some proven tips and techniques for identifying your target audience and connecting with them.

Members' Open Mic Night

#Discover Session | October 29

Open mic storytelling. Bring a story or your story, a poem or your poem, and any other oral or visual storytelling styles to share in this end of the month live session for members to share any and everything they’ve learned this month, on the virtual stage.

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Unsettled’s Global Passport is a curated community platform for personal and professional growth, designed to support remote and independent lifestyles.

Each month is a new journey dedicated to inspiring and supporting you as you work remotely, launch your next project, or simply seek to expand your global network with a values-driven community of professionals.

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