TEAM Journeys™ for Remote Companies

Unsettled Team Journeys™ guides companies and their people to make the most of remote and hybrid work. Our proven framework of interactive virtual experiences and asynchronous exercises deliver tactical concepts, tools, and tips to navigate this rapidly changing flexible work environment.

At the very same time, we help you build the intimate community connections that keep your organization’s common values and objectives front, center, and together – even when your team is apart.

The result? More productive, connected, and humane work-from-anywhere culture.

We’ve helped thousands of people answer this question:

How do we show up in the world and design our lives and our work, given what’s possible today?

Over the last five years, Unsettled has guided people from 80+ countries through navigating the integration of work and life, in a world that offers ever-increasing possibility around flexible, distributed employment.

In 20+ countries, we ran 30 day coworking retreats, focused on exploring the fundamental question of how each of us could intentionally design for our very own individual Future of Work.

Then, In 2020, the world caught up…


Unsettled has hosted 100+ experiences with participants from 80+ countries, and employees from…

We don’t need to tell you: in 2020, the world experienced a decade of change in a matter of months. Fortune 50 companies and startups alike began approaching us to tap into our unique expertise and core competency helping people find their own Future of Work, and we responded, with the launch of Unsettled Team Journeys.

Over live Zoom sessions and asynchronous exercises, we bring your team together to understand how they can be at their best in a world where for many, the home is the office and the office is the home.

Our virtual experiences are a bit like a mullet. We intentionally design to deliver the core capabilities your team needs to thrive in a remote / hybrid environment – while on the back end, in real-time, helping your team to build the connections easily lost in the transition from the in-person office.

We believe companies are communities, and we help you nurture yours, while delivering the skills, tools, and tips needed to make the transition to remote and hybrid work a positive, rather than a negative.




We believe remote experiences are a bonus, rather than a barrier, because they introduce unexpected opportunities to bring people together, who wouldn’t otherwise meet. This foundation of belonging provides the courage to surface new ideas, to be different, and to lead.

We carefully design these journeys as intimate spaces for employees to show up fully, as themselves. We also understand they have to be a joy to participate in. Building fun, unexpected moments into the journey is part of our DNA.

From out-of-the-box solutions to fully customized programming and sessions, Unsettled’s Team Journeys™ deliver both personal and professional growth for lasting impact on organizations around the world.


Some of the questions we help your company explore:

Culture and Community, Gone Remote

What does team building look like in a hybrid and flexible environment, and how can we ensure that everyone feels like they deeply belong to the culture you’re trying to build when interaction happens on the Internet instead of IRL?


How Do We Replace the Water Cooler?

Creative collisions (and their intended positive outcomes) happen when people have the opportunity to meet in impromptu moments. Colleagues from different offices, departments, levels of seniority, and function need serendipitous moments to come together. What does that look like in a hybrid environment?

Evolving Habits for Hybrid Work

In a hybrid world that forces us to constantly juggle the responsibilities of home and work, how can we set up effective boundaries that make us feel safe, secure, supported, happy, and productive?

What Do Meetings Look Like Now?

Meetings are different over Zoom and Teams, and new core capabilities are required to run them effectively, inclusively, and in ways that drive positive, concrete outcomes.


The Changing Roles of Place and Space

How can we begin to have new ideas about place and space, based on the evolving parameters both within your organization and in society at large?

Asynchronous vs. Synchronous

If the casual stroll over to a colleague’s desk is no longer standard operating procedure, how can we learn to balance new ways to communicate across mediums that prioritize now vs. later, incorporating different preferences for collaboration?

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Working with Unsettled was an amazing and unique experience. Our 10-day leadership learning journey was not only well organized but thoughtfully crafted and curated. The team worked hard to blend our leadership program into a seamless experience, and our group left with new inspiration and a renewed sense of purpose. I would highly recommend partnering with Unsettled, as they are true experience designers and know how to make every moment count.
Dr. Mary McBride

Chair, Arts and Cultural Management and Design Management programs at Pratt Institute. Former Director of the Management Decision Laboratory at NYU Stern School of Business.

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