Sri Lanka | March 2020



Over the past 3 years, we have been building a grand vision that is now coming to fruition: to create a global community of professionals who pursue a lifelong journey of growth, meaning, and adventure. When we started Unsettled, we set out to break the boundaries of what we thought was possible. And, break them we have…

Today, it’s time we celebrate.

For our 100th experience, we plan to hold the first ever Unsettled Global Summit to bring this community together in one place for a special global gathering. We will be celebrating our alumni from around the world, and the very best workshops, adventures, conversations, and meals that we’ve shared over the last 3 years. And, we will be celebrating our 20th location in the world…


March 7th – March 14th, 2020

1 Night in Colombo & 6 Nights in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

Shared Double Rooms: $1600
Private Suites: $2200

Maximum Capacity: 25 People


Kalpitiya Beach, Sri Lanka

It’s no overstatement when we say we’ve been searching for months for the perfect property and space for our Global Summit. Kalpitiya is a place just off the beaten tourist path, private and intimate enough to provide a true opportunity to unplug from life and connect with each other, yet not so remote that we end up like lord of the flies. As usual, we’ve compromised in valuing quality over quantity, and have taken over a stunning property next door to each other on a wide swath of open beach.

With plenty of indoor and outdoor communal space, firepits, beach-side cabanas and bars, and on-site food, along with all the watersports and opportunities for exploring the region within arm’s reach, we’ve found our home.

We’re excited to welcome you back…


Relax. Connect. Explore. Learn.

We believe that creativity, collaboration, and communities thrive in open space. Open space to be spontaneous. To go on an adventure. To have free flowing conversations. To have a dance party under the stars or to build a fire by the sea. We believe in the power of unstructured, unbounded, and unexpected experiences because we’ve witnessed them first hand on 100 retreats with 2000 alumni from 80+ countries.

The first Unsettled Summit will bring together this community into an open space of possibility. Where we can just as easily organize a brainstorm session on that new venture you’ve been kicking around or put together a group kiteboarding session.

While there is plenty to see and do at our beachfront location, the Unsettled Summit has been designed as an open space for you to be creative, collaborative, adventurous, and completely yourself.

The Unsettled Summit is designed around three themes:

Unconventional ways of working today.

At Unsettled, we believe that we can reach our creative potential when we push the boundaries of modern work structures. In 2020, Unsettled is committed to furthering the ways in which this community can discover unconventional work opportunities that bring us more meaning, mobility, and freedom in our lives. In classic Unsettled style, we will be co-designing pathways with this community to discover new ways of working that are more aligned with your values and lives. At the Summit, we will…

  • Host workshops designed to experiment with how you want to work in the next year…or decade.
  • Share some of our new initiatives at Unsettled with the goal of co-designing the future of how we will discover more mobile, more meaningful work.
  • Spark connections among community members who are looking to go freelance, start a new business, or find new ways to collaborate 

Work/life symmetry.

It’s never all about work around here. The very nature of us taking over beachfront resorts in Sri Lanka is to be as present as possible, with healthy work and life balance. This week is designed as a role model to serve us well beyond our time together and catalyze all of the ways we want to live healthy, balanced lives wherever we are. At the Summit, we will…

  • Organize yoga, meditation, beach runs, swims, standup paddle boarding, kayaking, and other ways to exercise and enjoy life daily outside of work.
  • Host conversations and workshops about how we can hold better boundaries in our lives so that we don’t suffer from burnout, overwork, or demotivating work/life balance. 
  • Take full advantage of our location with bonfires at night, inspirational happy hours at sunset, and beachside picnic brunches in the morning. 

The role of community.

We’ve seen hundreds of examples of how Unsettled’s community can impact our lives individually, but in 2020, it’s our turn to unlock the collective power that a global and growing community of this nature can have in our lives. Unsettled has some exciting plans that we will share at the Summit that will be squarely aimed at bringing more opportunities and community assets into your life. At the Summit, we will…


  • Share new initiatives at Unsettled designed to accelerate how such a diverse community can impact our lives.
  • Collect, listen to, and co-design opportunities from participants about how Unsettled can redefine community engagement in the 21st century.
  • Discover in one week how building a community of your peers may be the single biggest opportunity in your life in the years ahead.


Daily if you wish, or a few classes throughout your week.


Jungle safari in one of the biggest and oldest National parks in Sri Lanka.


Dive deep and get lost…


Explore the ocean, reefs, or nearby groves solo or with a buddy.


Itching to learn? This is the best spot…


Take a break. Catch up with your friends. We’re here for fun.


Our Summit has been organized as an end-to-end experience, so that you don’t worry about the logistics of getting from place to place and you can focus on enjoying the ride, the community, and the open space to create what’s next in your life.

The journey begins in Colombo on Saturday afternoon, March 7. Your first evening in Sri Lanka will feel like an episode from the Amazing Race, with Unsettled’s local alumni and friends taking us on a grand urban adventure full of tuk tuk taxi rides, local markets, local curry and food experiences, and a grand welcoming of Unsettled alumni as we arrive from around the world.

After this possibly long and adventurous night, we will continue onwards together to the Kalpitiya peninsula, where our private resort is ready to be taken over exclusively by us. From there, expect a week full of adventures of all kinds, boundless conversations, and unlimited opportunities to make this an unforgettable celebration of this community.

What’s Included

  • The complete take over of a beachfront resorts by Unsettled to make our home for this global gathering 
  • Private or shared rooms in an award-winning, locally-owned, boutique hotels just steps from the beach
  • One week of engineered serendipity organized by Unsettled full of adventures, fun, and conversations about working and living differently in the 21st century
  • An urban adventure through the heart of Colombo, exploring the local food, history, and culture, led by a local Unsettled alum
  • First night accommodations in Colombo in one of the city’s most charming hotels
  • Round-trip transportation from Colombo to Kalpitiya, so you don’t have to worry about logistics
  • True to Unsettled fashion, bookend events to welcome and kickoff this summit and local adventures abound
  • Daily breakfast, two dinners, and nearly everything for an amazing week except for a few things like lunches, a few dinners, any extra excursions, and all the drinks you want on you.

Ready to sign up?!

Limited Spaces – Apply Now!

You can always email us at, but here are some questions we’re anticipating!

Q. Can I bring my partner?
Yes. We’d love to meet them as long as they’re as excited to join us as you are! You’ll have to get a private room, though (which we’d hope you’d want anyways!). The cost for them would be $1000 all-in to stay with us and join in all the fun. 

Q: Can I request to share a room with someone?
A: Room choices are first come first serve, but if you and your friend (or sea spoon, for those who’ve been sailing with us 😉 ) book at the same time and let us know, then we can put you together no problem!

Q: Can I arrive before or stay after?
 Our official dates are March 7th to March 14th, and what you do outside that is up to you, but expect the party to open and close with us on these dates. That said, we’re sure once everyone signs up there will be some post-trip planning going on.

Unsettled is a global community for those who live and work differently. 

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