Alumni Spotlight: How Morocco Will Inspire You To Live Unsettled


Meet Sarah Dadush, who lived Unsettled with us in Bali this past May, but has been falling in love with Morocco since 1997.


This is her story…

Where’s home for you?

New York


Associate Professor of Law at Rutgers Law School

Why did you join Unsettled?

I wanted to take advantage of the flexibility my work affords and explore a new part of the world, along with a different way of life for one glorious month. My mantra was Have the freedom, Use the freedom!

Why do you think Morocco would be an amazing Unsettled destination?

Morocco is Westerner-friendly and in some ways westernized but also it’s so true to itself; its history; culture; and heritage. It’s a place where you can visit with a totally different culture and learn a great deal and see incredibly beautiful sites and rituals, all the while feeling safe and warmly invited.

What’s your favourite memory from Morocco?

Walking through the residential streets and talking to old people about life in Morocco and how it has changed over the years. Getting henna-ed on my hands and sitting in circles of local women doing the same. And going to a not-at-all lux hammam and being taught/shown how to “properly” wash myself!

What’s one word of advice you’d give to future Unsettled participants?

Be open, be engaged, and listen to your own intuitions about how to spend this precious month as a member of the Unsettled Family!

Interested in exploring Morocco with us in February and March 2018? Apply here.


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