Top 5 Reads before Living Unsettled in Bali

By: Naomi Matlow

Header photo by Ahmad Mohsen, Unsettled: Bali alum

Are you ready to call Bali home? We are working from paradise and living Unsettled in Bali again. Together we will redefine productivity, rebalance in our beautiful communal-style villa, and soak up all the island life has to offer. 

Before you dive into the sea from the most majestic beach you have ever laid eyes on, here are a few of our favorite blogs that provide a sneak peak into Bali life… 


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1. This is What I Did on My Creative Sabbatical in Bali 

“I joined Unsettled: Bali this past March for an artistic sabbatical from corporate life. I wanted to be inspired by the island’s vibrant places, colors, people, and culture, while also bringing these new perspectives and experiences into my drawings and paintings (and of course to meet and learn from wonderful people from around the world on their own journeys).”

– Amelia Horvath, Bali alum 


2. Traveling to Bali With No Expectations… And Leaving Full.

“As an only child, from a small family, having found a family of what once was strangers from 14 countries to now call my own, is more than I could’ve ever expected to happen from my Unsettled experience.”

–  Ayrïd Chandler, Bali alum


3. Eat, Pray, Cliché. The Bali Living You Didn’t Know About

“And today, several months on, I’m still living ‘Unsettled’; I’ve started working on own creative projects, and I’m now working flexibly and remotely as a freelance writer. I’m considering directions I wouldn’t have even thought were possible, except now, I have a brand new support network around the world cheering me on…”

– Lily Lawes, Bali alum


4. Q&A with Our Bali Expert Christiana Melinioti 

“One of the characteristics of this beautiful island is that you don’t really need to travel far to find a quiet moment. The day-to-day lifestyle of the Balinese people, their smiles, daily rituals, gratitude, breathtaking nature, and energy around you, helps with being in a constant state of calmness.”

– Christy Melinioti, Unsettled Experience Leader


5. “My Boss Sent Me to Bali to Work Remotely. This is How It Went.” 

“It’s only natural that an amazing coworking retreat would bring together some incredible people, but I was surprised at how much I learned from fellow participants – professionally and personally. Regardless of where we were at in our lives, regardless of what our backgrounds were, there were so many things that connected us.”

– Miranda Boisvert, Bali alum

Will we be seeing you in Bali in this year?

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