Top 5 Reads Before Living Unsettled in Medellin

By: Naomi Matlow 

Are you as ready as we are for a month of coworking, creativity, and paisa living in the City of Eternal Spring? We are heading back into the mountains for one month or two weeks this January, February & September

Grab a delicious cup of Colombian coffee and start seeing yourself in a city steeped in innovation, cultural vibrancy, and surrounded by the epic greenery of the Andes Mountains, by reading some of our favorite Unsettled blog posts that illuminate one of our most favorite citys’ magic. 

  1. Why You Should Live Unsettled in Medellin, with Experience Leader Corey Schultz

“What I love about Medellin is how the city has found the perfect intersection between urban and nature. Just today in Medellin, I was walking down the street and at one of my favorite cocktail bars, in El Poblado, there is a beautiful babbling brook meandering through the neighborhood. The city has beautiful green spaces as well as very hip, funky, and urban nightclubs, restaurants, and cocktail bars. It is an easy place to call home because it has a bit of everything.”

– Corey Schultz 

2. Unsettled Partners: How Colombia’s Most Notorious Neighborhood Has Now Become Its Pride

“The story of Medellín’s remarkable transformation can be revealed through many lenses. But ours starts with Comuna 13, and the story of a young, local Colombian man named Stiven Álvarez Garro, who always begins at the very end: ‘After we finish this walking tour, I want your final emotion to be that there was a change, and that change is possible.’”

– Liza Schmidt

3. Portraits of Medellin Through the Lens of Matt Tuapola

“I have always wanted to travel in South America and Unsettled gave me the opportunity to finally visit and take some time to think about my next move. The people and the city of Medellin taught me what resilience and mental fortitude really means.”

– Matt Tuapola, Unsettled: Medellin 2019 alum

4. Change is in the Air: My Month in Medellin by Sarah Shandl 

“I’ve found a temporary family, a tribe, a community of adventure-seekers looking to live life a little less ordinarily.”

– Sarah Shandl, Unsettled: Medellin 2017 alum

5. Unsettled Medellin, Through My Eyes: Eugene Leventhal

“I can’t wait to see the results of the seeds we all planted this month, both in terms of professional conquests and, more importantly, in terms of the effect we’ll have on each other’s lives.”

– Eugene Leventhal, Unsettled: Medellin 2017 alum

Will we be seeing you in Medellin in 2020, or what?


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