Who’s Living Unsettled This Week: Sasha Valle

Unsettled is a truly co-created experience. Every week, we like to highlight participants who are part of creating our experiences at destinations around the world, and share their story. This week, meet Sasha who’s in Marrakech with us.

Sasha Valle


Wherever my suitcase is… most recently, it’s in beautiful Amsterdam.

I just began a sabbatical (or #sashbatical as I’m affectionately calling it) to recharge and reflect after incredibly rewarding, but very intense, five years at a tech bomb that was a startup when I joined. Challenges I’m interested in include making learning fun and accessible rather than an obligation (in the many ways that can take shape, not just schools) or making high-quality produce more available to marginal communities. And this is through innovative, circular farming technologies rather than more GMO strains (because that’s just so 1990s).

Becoming the best human I can be. Right now that means taking good care of myself so I can offer the most (and best) of me to others. Seeking and nurturing symbiotic relationships and environments. Also staying open and learning as much as possible about the world and my own self so I can be true to my best knowledge of both. I think of it as an ever-evolving journey more than destination.

My relentless curiosity and desire to bring plenty of love into everything I do.

As I kick off my ‘sashbatical’, I wanted to unsettle out of my previous routine, habits, frustrations, etc. Think dusting off the old to let the new thrive. So I thought, why not do it somewhere beautiful and in good company?!

“For me, being Unsettled means getting out of our bubbles and being open (rather than uneasy) to the gifts that the unknown can bring.”

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