Unsettled’s Endless Summer Series: Buenos Aires Edition

Welcome to Buenos Aires, Argentina. A blend of European taste and Latin American warmth, you can live Unsettled’s Endless Summer fully in this vibrant cultural capital for one month this October or November. It is one month of porteño living, in what according to Unsettled: Buenos Aires Location Manager Victoria Viola says, the “true city that never sleeps”! 

Fun Facts about Buenos Aires:

  • The city was founded twice by Spanish explorers. First in 1536 and then again 50 years later during a larger expedition in 1580. 
  • Buenos Aires is the most visited city in all of South America.
  • Tango. Tango. Tango. It was invented here in the 1880s in the city’s working-class port neighborhoods.
  • Citizens of Buenos Aires are known as porteños, which translates to “from a port city” in Spanish. 
  • Buenos Aires has the most bookstores per person in the world.

Unsettled Facts about Buenos Aires: 

  • Our first Unsettled: Buenos Aires retreat was in November, 2016.
  • We will host our 200th Buenos Aires Unsettler this October! Will it be you?
  • The Bosques de Palermo (“Palermo Woods”) is a favorite peaceful spot to explore when living Unsettled in Buenos Aires. It is an oasis within the city and October and November are the perfect time to visit because the roses are in bloom.
  • On Unsettled: Buenos Aires, we wake up every morning in Palermo Soho, a vibrant and creative neighborhood (or “barrio”) in the heart of the city.

What are our Buenos Aires alumni saying?: 

“I met a whole group of unique, enriching and amazing human beings with whom I had the deepest and most interesting conversations I’ve had in a long time, I created lifelong friendships which will be picked up anytime we meet again anywhere in the world, I have dug deep inside and discovered a few new beautiful truths about myself which made me grow personally and come out a better person, I lived Buenos Aires in all its vibrancy and not just discovered it… and all that in just a month! Oh, and I also worked :slightly_smiling_face: ” – Laurence Udo, Buenos Aires 2018 alum

“In the course of your career – and your life – 30 days is really just a blink.  If you give yourself permission to take that tiny amount of time and see what you’re capable of, not only will you be amazed at what you can accomplish personally and professionally, you’ll emerge with the perspective and energy to do the things you’re truly meant to do.” – Maxine Thomas, Buenos Aires 2017 alum 

“Unsettled gave me new and exciting perspectives to ponder both during my experience, but also during reflection back home. I was the same person on both ends of the month, but what changed was the way that I viewed the world around me with regards to the things that excited me, which was a different and welcomed acceptance of who I am as a person.” – Jacqueline Coleman, Buenos Aires 2017 alum

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Ready to explore and adventure during Unsettled’s Endless Summer in Buenos Aires?



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