What Are The Wildest Things The Unsettled Community Has Done In 2019?

By: Naomi Matlow

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” 

– Mark Twain 

It’s been a wild, wonderful, whirlwind of a year. 2019 was one for the books in the Unsettled community (heck, all years are, but there is no time like the present!), and as our first grade teachers taught us many moons ago — you gotta write that stuff down. 

So, what are some of the wildest things Unsettled alumni have been up to these last 12 months to round out the decade? 

Take a look, take stock of your own year, and ask yourself… what’s one thing to knock off that bucket list before 2020 rolls around?!


“I married another Unsettler.” 

– Werner Skalla, Barcelona alum

“I listened to the stories of the strong, beautiful Rwandan women in a remote village somewhere near the border with Uganda.”

 – Dimitra Christodoulou, Sailing alum

“I acted in a Halloween musical video, wearing a witch costume, with green make-up included. It was crazy fun.” 

– Anne Santillan, Porto & Tuscany alum

“I ran 5 half marathons in 5 different states!!!” 

– Taylor Floeck, Unsettled Head of Community 

Taylor in Yosemite!

“I wrote a book, Making a Stylish Exit: Random Stories of Dating after Divorce, and got it published!” 

– Nicole Richmond De Feo, Medellin alum

“I did a keynote for 1,200 people overseas just after the President of the country spoke and a little bit before the Royal Princess from another country spoke…”

 – Jill Hellman, Porto & Tokyo alum 

“Through the ups and downs and in betweens of 2019, I haven’t given up on myself to create a different life, for myself. #workinprogress” 

– Tina Zee, Cape Town alum 

“I ran the Paris Marathon, embarked on an expedition to the Arctic, and self-published a children’s book!” 

– Fidan Huseyni, Bali alum 

Fidan in the Arctic!

“Sitting now in the Banksy Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem after a week Unsettled in Lebanon and a quick exploration through Jordan, challenging my assumptions about conflict, history, homelands, justice, and what I hear in the US media. Expanding my view and my compassion and my understanding.” 

– Gabrielle Kuzsel, Lebanon alum 

“I listened to my dream and heart and created my Shallow trip: a solo road trip on the East Coast of the US, meeting people around great coincidences, ending in Vegas to see my idol twice on stage, Lady Gaga. Then one month later going for 3 weeks to Bali, living an earthquake, embracing the unknown with my incredible Unsettled crew, spontaneously being inspired, designing and having a tattoo done. This was the greatest experience I ever lived. It changed me, allowed me to finally make peace with myself. Lots of gratitude.” 

– Marie Guicciardi, Bali alum 

“Held a lux yoga retreat in Greece, moved to Jerusalem, regularly visit Gaza, finally saw the pyramids in Egypt, and finished my masters in environmental governance. I feel like I wanna make one of those 2 minute Jacinda Arden videos about my 2019!” 

– Donna Williams, Buenos Aires alum  

“I launched a manifestation/coaching project (Goddesses of Manifestation) that helped another Unsettler find love (Dorine) and another grow her amazing business (Unsettled Experience Leader Lynne Scullard)! I launched my own coaching business to help high achievers step into their power and align their dreams with their heart. I opened my own art shop and started selling prints/originals and got asked to exhibit them in local shows!” 

Ashmi Pathela, Cape Town alum  

Ashmi’s exhibition in Perth! Photo credit: Screenwest.

“I ran 2 half marathon races and ran the Athens authentic full marathon as a first 42k distance for me! I hit the mountains and explored every weekend for over 2 months in a row over the summertime. As I put it when speaking to a friend just recently – simply feeling alive being active outside.”

– Violeta Yovcheva, Buenos Aires alum 

“I moved in with my boyfriend, back in my home state of Missouri. After living nomadically for the past 5 years, and living overseas for 21 years (over half my life!) this is quite a bizarre turn of events for me: choosing to BE more SETTLED! I couldn’t be happier! But fear not, my international SAT role and contract work keeps me still exploring and having crazy adventures like sandboarding and riding camels in Doha, Qatar.” 

– Gwendolyn DeSilva, Medellin alum

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