Welcoming Unsettled: Medellín, February 2017!

What does it mean to live “Unsettled” for a month? Well, it’s a little different for everyone, but there are clear threads that tie each of our experiences and participants together:  A sense of adventure, embracing transition, and a desire to seek new perspectives and growth.

We have an incredible group joining us for our Medellín coworking retreat this month, and we thought we’d take a moment to highlight just a few of them!

Paulina & Aviv Schweitzer

After 9 years of living in New York City, Aviv and Paulina sold everything they owned to embark on a journey of minimalism and world travel. Aviv left his position as the CEO of his restaurant group (Maoz, Wok To Walk), and Paulina left Birchbox after 5 years of massive growth. Today, the couple lives an excitingly unsettled life running their travel website and Life Coaching business from whichever country they choose.


Darryl Reeves

Darryl recently completed a PhD in Computational Biology from Cornell. And as if that wasn’t ambitious enough, he’s become an expert in Spanish soap operas (as a way to improve his Spanish), and is teaching himself how to DJ. He’s joined Unsettled this month to focus more on his entrepreneurial streak, improve his Spanish communication skills, and think about his next adventures in life and work.

Uday Jhunjhunwala

Uday is a fiction writer, filmmaker and investor, living in NYC who’s waiting for the Dodgers to move back to Brooklyn.   While he waits, he thought he’d get unsettled and explore some wonderful parts of the world a little more deeply.

Oscar The Dog

Coming in at a featherweight 18lbs, Oscar the Shih tzu is our first four-legged nomad. His CV (yes, he has one) includes such strong qualities as neutered and potty-trained, but he’s much more than that!

Oscar’s quite the traveler and has lived in three countries – now four counting Medellín. He enjoys cycling (really!), long walks, bumming around ski towns, and hanging out in pubs and patios. He’s a health-foodie on a home cooked diet, a proud ponytailer, and the apple of his mom’s eye.

Oscar’s motto?  “Wherever she goes, I go too.”  Follow his adventures at @oscarintheworld!

Want to join us in Medellin; grab your spot by applying now!


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