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I am based in Rome and I have always lived here, but now trying to move…Where? Don’t know, but I need to see different places and learn things from people!

I am a Sound Designer.

Music, Books, Zumba, Cinema.
I am passionate about Sound, which I chose to be my tool to experience life and confront the world. I went through the world of Music, then Audiovisual, and now Podcasts… All the time being surprised by how my passion always amazes me and walks me through new experiences.

What are you looking for out of the Global Passport community?
Embracing the unknown features of life while searching for freedom.

What’s one of the most interesting or surprising things you’ve ever done?
That time when as a singer I had my gig.

What’s one of the most challenging things you’ve ever done?
That time when I organized two meetings for seventy sound engineer students to support and equip them for their future work in film industry.

What is the most Unsettled thing you’ve ever done?
Pursuing happiness choosing new directions for my life and for my job during Covid.

According to you, how can sound bring us more joy?
Sound is a living entity that surrounds us constantly.
You can experience joy through Sound in multiple ways…maybe listening to your favorite song, or to the sea waves in the night, or even in hearing your coffee machine in the morning, when you just woke up and your day is going to start.
Sound lives both in small and big things, but it reminds us that sometimes we should pay more attention to small ones because thanks to them that we can fully experience the present moment, which, as long as we know, is all we got.
We should all take a moment for ourselves during the day for listening to our personal soundtrack, because it provides us a new, unexpected way, to connect with ourselves and with the world around us.

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