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New York, NY

Unsettled destination:

What do you do for work?

I currently lead a team at Google managing some of our largest strategic hardware partnerships. Prior to that I worked in financial services, management consulting and at some point was building airplanes for Boeing.

What have you learned about leading teams in our current digital and remote world? 

People over profit. So many folks are dealing with anxiety, stress, health and safety issues and it’s not always easy to see that over video conferencing. When I ask “how are you doing?” I am willing to take as much time to read between the lines and sit in awkward silence if I think there’s more going on. I don’t push but with space people open up. One of my favorite sayings paraphrased – “people don’t remember what project you did, but will remember how you made them feel”.

What does living Unsettled mean to you?

“Living Unsettled to me means trying out a different way of living in a new city that may be very different from your own. Living Unsettled in South America for me has been exploring a more social lifestyle. Late-night dinners and dancing with the Unsettled group has made that exploration easier and more fun.”

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