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Madison, Wisconsin.

I am a self- employed designer, web developer & small business coach

Dogs (I foster rescue mutts), Art (I was a photography & painting major in college), Music (my hubby is a pro musician and I’ve basically been a music “groupie” since I was 15!), sailing & anything else on the water.

What are you looking for out of the Global Passport community?
As a self-employed solopreneur, I can feel pretty disconnected and isolated sometimes, but being a part of the Global Passport community (especially during the pandemic) has been an amazing way to connect with like-minded souls around the world, which has already led to so many great conversations, collaborations and friendships!

What is the most Unsettled thing you’ve ever done?
About 8 years ago, my husband and I gave up our apartment, sold all of our belongings, relocated our cat, and hit the road for nearly 4 years. He played music all over the US & Europe, while I mostly did the booking and travel planning. We really had nothing but a 1991 Toyota Previa van to our name, and relied mostly on the kindness of friends, family, fans, and sometimes strangers to put us up in their homes, feed us, etc. “Preferred homelessness” we called it!

Can you give us an unexpected piece of advice for someone who is looking to start their online business.
Do the mental work first! Especially if your’e going solo, you need to build up a support network for the times when you will inevitably feel isolated. Find networking groups in your area, or reach out to people who are also starting a business and create an accountability group. I guarantee you will be 100% more productive if you have accountability buddies! Finally, if you’re really looking to gain some serious momentum, hiring a one-on-one coach is invaluable. You don’t know what you don’t know, so having others to point out your pitfalls and blind spots is necessary (as uncomfortable as it may be).

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