Kyle Fiore

I’m originally from Toronto but currently based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Unsettled destination:
Buenos Aires, Argentina

What do you do for work?
After countless years working as a strategic planner in a number of advertising agencies across Canada, I decided it was time to go solo. So I’m currently in Latin America building my business… with the hopes to move to Buenos Aires in 2019.

What are you most passionate about?
Oddly enough, the answer to that question is uncertainty. I love not knowing what’s next and thrive in situations where essentially anything can happen. Since I have been out on my own, I have had to hustle, improvise and be incredibly resourceful, and I have never been happier (or more proud of myself).

Reason for joining Unsettled? 
Other than wanting to see if Buenos Aires was a city that I could move to after Sao Paulo, I wanted to meet other crazy people like me. We live in a world that stresses the importance of stability and climbing a corporate ladder and I often felt really strange for not wanting those things. I wanted to open my eyes and my mind to other ways of making a living and actually, to other ways of just living!

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