María Osorio Fernández

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At the moment – Panama City. Originally I’m Spaniard, but I’ve been living in different countries for the past 13 years.

Unsettled Destination: 

Sailing Baja California 

What do you do for work?

Maritime lawyer.

When do you feel most alive?

This feeling of being alive always comes to me in the sea, no matter if I’m surfing, swimming, sailing, or just being on the beach… sunbaking. I was probably a fish in my past life… the ocean makes me feel fully connected with nature and with myself.

How did you find Unsettled?

On Instagram…. I saw it and thought: I just found my tribe!

Best moment at Unsettled Sailing?

Swimming with sea lions, catching a big mahi-mahi and watching dozens of shooting stars every single night.

“I’m Spanish, and my English is not perfect. So about 25% of the time, I was lost in translation, and thanks to that we made some of the best memories on our boat in Baja California. But everyone was so patient with me and encouraged me to practice my English. If some people feel reluctant about the language barrier for Unsettled trips, then here’s my tip for you, be honest and communicate your hesitation in advance and the support and encouragement will follow.”

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