Tekisha Harvey

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Unsettled destination:
Cape Town and Buenos Aires

What do you do for work?
Brand and Marketing Strategy.

What are you most passionate about?
I’m a problem solver by nature and I passionate about using my gifts to help others get past challenges and see a path forward.

Reason for joining Unsettled?
I had just quit my job and was looking for a complete change– scenery, people and thought process. I wanted a purposeful experience that would help me uncover my next chapter. Unsettled was recommended to me and I found my first experience in Cape Town so beneficial that I signed up for a second retreat in Argentina.

What does being Unsettled mean to you?
It means being content with not knowing all of the answers and actually finding excitement in the unknown. We all have our own path and the instructions forward are our given to us in the form of intuition. When we follow it, our journey unfolds…and BONUS: there are no wrong turns!

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