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QUITTING. In a culture driven by success and hustle, creating and doing, accomplishing and finishing, quitting is often a dirty word. Yet there’s always an upside to quitting. Think about it. When was the last time you gave yourself the permission to quit? To let go? To intentionally make your big move? To pause something because it’s no longer serving you? It could be a job, a relationship, a business idea, a city you were trying to make home, or that book you’ve been trying to finish. We are talking about quitting something that’s holding you back to create the space in your life for more positive experiences.

We are looking for that person to share with us their most inspiring quitting story this month — and in return we are giving away ONE FREE SPOT for our Unsettled Sacred Valley adventure this February. Yep, that’s 100% off our one-week, once-in-a-lifetime Unsettled experience in Peru’s Sacred Valley, February 9th – 16th, 2020 (flights not included). 


First up, anyone 21 or older. We don’t care where you’ve been, where you went to school, or what degrees you have.
But we do care if you have a great story to share.  See Full Terms and Conditions!



To enter, go on our Instagram handle and submit the following:

1.) Share your story of the last time you intentionally gave yourself the permission to quit on THIS POST. 

2.) Share the post with or tag someone in your life who is ready for a change, or who has a great intentional quitting story, and nominate them to share their story on the Instagram post.

3.) The top five most compelling stories will get a chance to be featured on the Unsettled blog. The winner from the top 5 entries will be selected by our alumni community, and win a free trip to Unsettled: Sacred Valley in February 2020.




Welcome, and it’s great to see you here! Unsettled curates remarkable shared travel experiences for professionals who refuse to settle in their pursuit of growth, meaning, and adventure. 

From Beirut to Bangkok, Santiago to San Juan, we attract intellectually curious solo travelers – entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers, and mid-career professional from all backgrounds – who live and work differently, challenge the status quo, and seek to push the limits in all aspects of their lives.

Our goal is to get lost more than it is to find our way, and offer you a curated yet flexible platform & experience to explore a new place and challenge your growth.

In each destination, we provide the essentials you need to feel connected, comfortable, and collaborative: Accommodations, workspace, local experts, curated local experiences, workshops, and an exceptionally diverse curated community from 80+ countries to share the journey and dive deep with.

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We curate a diverse and exceptional community of global professionals who live, work, and travel differently. Join over 1,800 members from 80+ countries who’ve lived – and still live – Unsettled.

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A full-time Experience Leader & local expert. Dinner parties. Immersive local experiences & workshops. Weekend adventures. Surprise events. Urban scavenger hunts. We are your platform for incredible shared experiences.

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Comfortable Housing

You’re not a twenty-year-old back-packer. We get it. You’ll have a private room in a unique house, apartment, or villa with a quality mattress, linens, and comfortable workspace. 

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Wifi is a non-negotiable. We need it as much as anyone else. With a workspace, SIM cards, and wifi at your accommodations, you can ensure your personal and professional projects keep running smoothly.

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Why Travel Solo with Unsettled?


This is not traditional group travel. We don’t follow a flag or hop on a bus. We explore, we get lost, we live in the moment. Yes, there are some key experiences we host and a deeply thoughtful curation and calendar of events to explore. However, we believe that experiences are more powerful when we step into them and take ownership over what happens in the moment. We provide the platform. You choose your own adventure.


No two trips are ever the same. We engineer for serendipity, but we do not overthink it. We show up and find ways, in the moment and throughout the experience, to create secret meetups, popup adventures, or hidden ways to invite participant along for the unexpected. We take risks when they show up and invite the opportunity to push ourselves. We’ll explore some of the city’s “unmissable” sights, sounds, and adventures, but be prepared to embrace the unknown. 


We don’t limit ourselves in the depth of our conversations nor the outcomes we can imagine for ourselves. We remove the expectations placed on us, and create a space where you can push your comfort zones, challenge your perspectives, and discover new ways of working, living, and being. When we live and travel unbounded, we are unconstrained by limits. It’s a mindset and an approach to everything we do.

… And Still Unsettled

Don’t worry. This isn’t a free-for-all. As with any Unsettled experience, we’re obsessed with quality over quantity, and craft each experience with the intention of inspiring a deeper sense of growth, meaning, and adventure in our lives. We tap into the creativity, cultural context, local philosophy & spirituality, and innovative elements of each destination as a way to bring greater perspective and learning to our work and professional lives. Learn more about our experiences…

"Inspiring" "Unforgettable"

An inspiring, unforgettable experience. I absolutely loved my time with Unsettled and still keep in touch with the amazing people I met there (with reunions in 6 countries so far!). 

-Colin Decker, Creative Director


It was an extraordinary experience, one that left me feeling affirmed, motivated and inspired. I’ve never experienced group travel in the way that Unsettled does it, and the co-curation of our time together made it so much more than just a trip.

-Shani Jamila, TED Speaker / Artist

"Life changing is an understatement"

-Rani El-Khatib, Managing Director of Dubai-based Creative Agency

"Break up the routine..."

If you’ve been wanting to break up the routine… give this experience a try. It just might prove to you that a totally new way to live is not just possible, but possibly right at your fingertips.

-Selena Welz, Senior Editor


I had some of the most interesting, raw, and enlightening conversations of my life at Unsettled. For those conversations alone, the Unsettled experience has truly enriched my life!

-Jaqui Pawson, Senior Analyst 

Who is Unsettled for?

Unsettled is a community for those who refuse to settle in their pursuit of growth, meaning, and adventure. We bring together solo travelers that include creatives, entrepreneurs, artists, freelancers, and the intellectually curious misfits from over 80 countries who seek to replace routine with adventure in destinations around the world.

Our experiences are not itinerary-driven. Rather, we provide a platform for you to explore, connect, and discover a new destination at your own pace. With a calendar full of events to choose from, local experts to connect you to the city, and a curated community to explore with, Unsettled is a shared experience for people who don’t do group travel.

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Full Giveaway Terms & Conditions:

(1.) The giveaway is open to people aged 21 and over who submit the information on Unsettled’s Instagram competition post. (2.) The entrant will be awarded one free spot in the 1-week Unsettled: Sacred Valley adventure retreat from February 9 – 16, 2020. Availability is subject to change and dependent upon spots available on that retreat. (3.) The prize is only for one (1) one-week Unsettled retreat in February 2020 and not redeemable for another Unsettled retreat after that time period. (4.) The prize waives the Unsettled program fee for that one retreat location. Unsettled accepts no responsibility for any costs associated with the prize and not specifically included in the prize (flights to and return from Lima, visas, meals, drinks, entertainment, local transport and so on are not included). (5.) Multiple entries can be accepted, however, only the entry with the most interactions will be considered to be included in the shortlist. (6.) Unsettled reserves the right to remove or delete any post, submission, or disqualify any contestant that we judge to be in poor taste, offensive, pornographic, or against the company’s values and morals. (7.) Unsettled is not responsible for organizing visas for any winner(s). (8.) Each prize is valid for one person only, it is not refundable in cash, and cannot be used with any other discounts or promotions. The prize is non-exchangeable, and non-transferable. (9.) If the prize winner is unable to be contacted within 7 days, they will be deemed to have forfeited the prize. (10.) Every shortlist will go through the regular interview process, as per company policy, and the winner will be announced thereafter. (11.) Unsettled reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, this giveaway with or without prior notice due to reasons outside its control (including, without limitation, in the case of anticipated, suspected or actual fraud). (12.) Unsettled shall not be liable for any failure to comply with its obligations where the failure is caused by something outside its reasonable control. Such circumstances shall include, but not be limited to, weather conditions, fire, flood, hurricane, strike, industrial dispute, war, hostilities, political unrest, riots, civil commotion, inevitable accidents, supervening legislation or any other circumstances amounting to force majeure. (13.) The closing date of the giveaway is 23:59 GMT on November 15, 2019. Entries received outside this time period will not be considered. (14.) Entrants into the giveaway shall be deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions.

Unsettled is a global community for those who value meaningful human connection. 

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