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Theme #04:
December 1st-20th, 2020

Rituals To Reset

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This December, we are exploring the theme of: Rituals to Reset.

Coming into December 2020,  we feel the urge to reset.

To go back to ground zero, to who we are within, and to lead our lives from there no matter what 2021 may bring. This month we want to take the time to acknowledge the impact that 2020 has had on our livelihoods and our emotional and physical wellbeing, and give ourselves the time and space to intentionally reset. For this we will use: the power of rituals.

Rituals are a feature of all known human societies. They involve a specific set of actions, gestures, words, structures, and behaviors that carve meaning from the everyday to make our lives more extraordinary. Rituals can be linked to religious traditions and ancient traditions, but they can also be the Olympic Torch relay, a meditation you practice every morning, or the secret handshake you have with a kid.

In its essence, a ritual is an act done in a particular time and space that have attributions full of symbolism and meaning. That is the main difference between rituals and routines. One of them makes meaning, the other doesn’t.  Rituals don’t need to be instrumental, but they do provide the ritual-performers with a deep sense of meaning and belonging.

Repeated action = habits
Routine= sum of habits
Ritual = routine + meaning 

Rituals call up for the creation of a sacred moment and at its core they help us to carve special moments of our routine, and sparks of meaning in what could be repetitive, dull everyday lives. This can take 2 minutes or 2 hours.

So the question comes up: can we transform resetting into a ritual? Can we reset everyday, every week? And even a month at a time?

Join us this month in the Global Passport as we explore through Live sessions and asynchronous content, how we can design better rituals for rest, the importance of resetting and relaxation in our lives, ways it can boost our productivity and crafting our own rituals as we go into 2021.

*This month, we will only be running content from December 1 – 20 in order to create a break to practice what we preach.



Building The Sacred Into Our Everyday Lives (W/ Clinical Psychologist Maria Sirois)

#Grow Session | December 9th, 12pm ET / 5pm GMT

How can we transform our everyday moments into sacred ones, even in our hardest times? Join us in a conversation with inspirational speaker, consultant, and licensed psychologist Maria Sirois where she will share some positive psychology tools we can use to build in resilience into our everyday lives, make them rituals and helps us find meaning in times of drastic change, stress or loss.


Rituals for Reset: December Kickoff Call

#Connect Session | December 3rd

December is here. We made it to the end of the year, but at what cost? Collectively we are experiencing levels of sadness, grief, stress, anxiety and depression never seen before. We feel the urge to reset, to go back to ground zero, to reboot our minds, bodies and spirits to lead our lives into 2020 from a place of wellbeing and authenticity. Join us in our first Live Session were we will get to assess and acknowledge the impact that 2020 has had for us personally and collectively and start diving into what does it mean to reset using rituals as a tool to regain control, boost wellbeing and enhance resilience.

Running The Perfect Digital Meeting (...And Other Work Rituals).

#Grow Session | December 8th

Rituals are often associated with our personal lives: our intimate moments at home, with our families, our communities and traditions. But there is plenty of space for them at work: from designing a perfect digital meeting to adding meaning into our every day productivity habits. Join us to uncover some ways in which rituals can be embedded into our work lives, with our colleagues, in our daily habits and meetings.

Rituals for Digital Wellness

#Grow Session | December 10th

“Intentional activities and practices can account for as much as 40% of the individual differences in happiness” – Sonia Lyubomirsky,

How intentional are we about the relationship we have with our digital environments? In this session we will assess how intentional we are around our own digital wellness, we will explore for each one of us to find a balance with technology, and test out different ways of resetting on a day to days basis.

Fast and Easy Mind/Body/Breath Reconnection Tools: Your Toolkit to Reset

#Discover Session | December 11th

Join Unsettled community member Elle Mc Pherson for a session where she will introduce you to a variety of techquies that help you to take a break and to connect to your body throughout your day. Come wearing comfy clothes and have a water bottle handy!

New Moon Ritual

#Discover Session | December 14th

The last New Moon of 2020 invites us to think about our goals, intentions and our own power to create our paths. Join a session led by Unsettled community member Candice Mortimer us for a meditation, reflection and intention setting ritual aimed at grounding ourselves in what matters the most to each one of us.

Dream, Plan and Create: Designing Your Ideal Creative Break

#Discover Session | December 16th

Breaks are healthy – they help us relax, reset and regain energy and productivity. ‘Creative Breaks’ do all those and even more. We’re big advocates on taking ‘creative breaks’ – in this session, we’ll introduce this new kind of sabbatical and talk about what exactly it means and why we think everyone should take one. In this interactive workshop, you will discover the many types of creative breaks you can take and learn how to set creative goals. We’ll take some short, exemplary creative breaks and get you dreaming about what possibilities are out there for you. We’ll go through the steps it takes to design a creative break. Even if you haven’t thought of taking a creative break, you’ll most likely be inspired to plan one after this workshop! Please bring paper and things to draw/write with. Hope to see you there! Kim and Linda run a startup called My Creative Break. They help people make time for their passions and motivate them to get in touch with their creative sides. Kim and Linda have both taken different types of creative breaks and are always happy to share their stories and the lessons they learned.

Unsettled End of Year Ritual...

#Connect Session | December 17th

What do you want to let go of in 2020? What do you want to leave behind and what do you want to grow? We are closing our Global Passport year sitting around the (virtual) fire, making offerings , burning what’s old and making space for the new. Join us with an open heart, pen and paper.

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