Unsettled’s Endless Summer Series: Cape Town Edition

As a Cape sugarbird flies across the Western Cape of South Africa, she may see something like this:

When you live Unsettled for two weeks this November in The Mother City, you’re bound to see this on the daily (mountains, ocean, local wine, and a new international community of peers included):

Fun Facts about Cape Town: 

  • Cape Town’s famous Table Mountain began forming (and continues to form) around 280 million years ago! And Table Mountain National Park hosts more plant species than the entire country of New Zealand.
  • The South African peninsula where Cape Town lies was monickered the “Cape of Good Hope” by colonists because it promised a way to the Eastern World (they were right).

  • Cape Town’s climate is much like the Meditteranean. (Beach time and outdoor winery exploration in the fall anyone?)

  • It is one of the world’s top surfing destinations, as well as a top marine life watching destination. October and November will be prime time to see southern right whales on Cape Town’s southern coast!

Unsettled Facts about Cape Town: 

  • We hosted our first Unsettled: Cape Town retreat in October, 2017.
  • Our November 2019 retreat will be our 6th Unsettled: Cape Town experience. 
  • In November we will host our 100th Cape Town Unsettler! (Could it be you?)
  • We average about 40 bottles of local South African wine in one month living Unsettled in Cape Town.
  • With 65 countries stamped on his passport, Cape Town is co-founder Jonathan Kalan’s second favorite place in the world. (Feel free to ask him what his first is.)

What are our Cape Town alumni saying?: 

#UnsettledCapeTown: where I got to face my fear and go cage diving with sharks, feed an elephant breakfast, snorkel with seals, watch whales mating, wake up in a beautiful villa every morning looking over the ocean with 6 new roomies, hang on a beach with penguins, paraglide over the ocean, kayak with dolphins, hug a cheetah, hike Lions Head for sunrise, hike table mountain, meet radiant children in one of the townships, have dinner at a local family’s house and converse about politics & their past with apartheid, eat really good/inexpensive food, have sunset picnics on the beach, learn the history and culture of South Africa, and SO MUCH MORE. So thankful for this trip and all the amazing people from 15 different countries I had the pleasure of spending time with. Thank you Unsettled for bringing us together.” – Biana Soffer, Cape Town 2018 alum

Being Unsettled to me means being open to possibility, moving out of a routine, and taking a chance to create a more fulfilling life for myself. I joined the Cape Town group because I wanted to be part of a community of like-minded people.” – Bhupi Chima, Cape Town 2017 alum


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Ready to live, work, and adventure during Unsettled’s Endless Summer in Cape Town, South Africa?




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One Month & 7 Years Of Big Questions

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