Why Eating Alone is One of the Most Underrated Joys

Wherever you go, there you are. And sometimes you get hungry. Traveling solo can be a great opportunity to exercise new practices and test your limits. Going to a bar or a restaurant alone can be one of the most underrated joys. Not only do a ton of romantic comedies begin that way, but it can also be a very fulfilling and fun experience, especially for the solo traveler. Here are a few reasons you should eat alone in a restaurant.

First, do it for the food. You came to the restaurant to eat right? You’re not here to be cool, hip, or to be seen. You’re with me? As you travel to a new place, food is often the beginning of full, cultural immersion. Being here alone will allow you to focus on what’s on your plate and not who’s sitting beside you. You can even take advantage of being alone and ask the staff to tell you everything about what you are about to eat.

Second, do it as an act of love. Show yourself you care by treating you to a good meal. Shifting the mindset from an awkward experience that’s driven by an insecurity of being alone into a positive mindset to do this as a treat will revolutionize this experience and may even totally change your relationship to food.

Third, do it to meet people. In a destination known for traveling, there are certain restaurants that attract like-minded folks. Sit at the bar or ask to join someone’s table. You’re destined to learn something about where they’re from, their travels, or even you. You’ll find a travel buddy in no time.   

At Unsettled, we make meals a memorable and social experience. On any given retreat, you have 20 travelers from all around the world who are sure to come together over meals many times per week, if not daily. Whether it’s steak and wine in Argentina, sobre mesa over tacos in Mexico, or Bandeja Paisa in Medellin, we are sure to explore food together at Unsettled.



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