Always dreamed of inspiring others to live boldly and explore the world through remarkable shared experiences? Are you the kind of person whose energy, excitement, and passion for embracing the unknown is both genuine and contagious? Do you love connecting people to their passions, and fit the Unsettled values, culture, and lifestyle? Then we want to hear from you.

Director of Marketing

We're seeking a full-time Director of Marketing to lead and execute our marketing and growth strategies. We are not looking for just a project manager or growth hacker. We are looking for a digital pioneer who wants to help us redefine work, travel, and community in the 21st century. We need someone who has proven results in working to grow a once in a generation opportunity. Your skills are important, but we expect more. You must love what we do and be ready to commit yourself fully to this pursuit.


Unsettled Experience Leaders are the conductors, facilitators, planners, hosts, guides, and companions for curated groups of 25-40 highly creative and talented professionals from around the world.

The primary role of an Experience Leader is to “run the show”, by providing facilitation and support for participants during these travel experiences and programs. You will wear many hats, from the problem-solving and customer service required of hospitality to the facilitation required of running in-depth workshops or one-on-one coaching. At times this role takes the endurance of an Olympian, and that excites you.


Our Admission Associates are the first and primary point of contact for our applications from all over the world, and are responsible for thoroughly vetting each applicant, explaining the Unsettled experience clearly, assisting them in determining if Unsettled is a good fit for them, answering questions, setting expectations around what Unsettled does and does not curate, providing valuable insight, and following through diligently on next steps.