6 Ways To Cope with the Winter Blues

Are you living in a hemisphere with its back to the sun? The days may slowly be getting longer but we still have a long way to go… For those Northern Hemisphere-ites experiencing the winter blues, here are some of our favorite tips and tricks to light up your life.

1. Vitamin D: You may not feel it but it’s there

Vitamin D is a high potency vitamin that is critical for your brain and body. It’s found in foods and by just soaking in the sunshine. Just 10-30 minutes of sunshine per day can give you a Vitamin D boost and improve your brain functions and mood.

We recommend trying to catch as much natural light as possible. Whether that is waking up a little earlier to catch some rays, making an indoor picnic by the window on a weekend, or asking your boss if you can stay at work later to take a long walk at lunch, exposure to some sunshine is possible but requires a little imagination.

2. Suit Up & Chill

Physical activity is scientifically proven to boost our moods and our energy levels. It can be a simple walk (in the sunshine), a winter sport, or a group exercise class indoors, but exercise will have a big impact on your overall health and mood during the darkest days of the year.

3. It’s Cozy Season

Chilly and cozy are not mutually exclusive. Create a soothing environment where you live or where you work. Lighting a scented candle, using aromatherapy essential oils or decorating your space with bright colors can do wonders for the blues.

4. Keep Learning

It’s finally the time to download Duolingo, start a new self-guided learning project, or crack open those library books (okay, or download them on your Kindle). There is no time like the present to discover a new hobby or reignite a passion (blanket and slippers not included).

5. You Are Who You’re With

Try and surround yourself with people that light you up inside. You’d be surprised by how much you mirror the four or five people you see and interact with the most on a daily basis. Scientific studies have even shown evidence that our personal happiness is affected by the happiness of the people we surround ourselves with. Find small ways to surround yourself with happy people in the winter time (in the sun or during exercise for extra points), and watch how you become like them.

6. Live Unsettled of course 🙂

Taking an intentional break from your winter routine to find new perspective, build new relationships, grow new ideas, work remotely and explore a new environment with intention along with a community of new friends is our absolute jam. Did we mention that summer is in full swing in Bali, Buenos Aires, and Medellin?


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