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Why Being Unsettled Is The New Settled

Bali alumni Sonal Kotecha spent her career transition month with 30 strangers this summer, and realized what never settling means for her…

What Chaos Theory Can Teach Us About Life Transitions

The three-month rule of transition, how to slow down, and the importance of giving yourself enough time…

How Solo Traveling Made Me A More Productive Entrepreneur

Tekisha Harvey was never made for corporate America. So after 17 years of climbing the ladder, she quit, headed to Unsettled Cape Town, and began fueling her entrepreneurial dream through travel.

10 Things To Expect From An Unsettled Experience

From living like a local to diving deep and collecting a lifetime of memories, here’s what it means to truly Live Unsettled.

Why You Need To Get Lost… And Often

“When I’ve been told to “get lost”, I have inadvertently been given a gift…”


Q&A with Artist & Illustrator Katie Rodgers

Artist, illustrator, all around curious creative, and the mind behind @paperfashion, Katie Rodgers, joined us for our first ever Moleskine | Unsettled Mexico City retreat. What does Mexico City look like through the eyes of an artist?

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TED Resident and Entrepreneur

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Sustainable Building & Design Entrepreneur

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Business Project Manager

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Post-Tech-Startup Sabbatical

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Corporate Lawyer

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Holistic Nutritionist & Self Care Coach

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Software Tech Leader

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Brand Strategist

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Strategic Advertising Planner

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